1st Mover Americas: Binance. United States to Bid for Voyager

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The most recent price moves in cryptocurrency markets in context for Nov. 24, 2022.

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Top Stories

Binance Crypto  is targeting $1 Billion for a previously announced for distressed cryptocurrency assets, CEO Changpeng “CZ” stated in an interview with Bloomberg TV Thursday. The fund will be open to contributions from other industry players. “If that’s not enough we can allocate more,” CZ stated, as reported by the latest information outlet.

CZ likewise confirmed in the Bloomberg interview, that Binance’s United States arm will be making a fresh bid for cryptocurrency Voyager now that FTX is unable to through with acquiring it. Following Voyager’s bankruptcy, FTX resurfaced as the frontrunner to acquire the lender, with Binance’s bid stated to be held back by concerns it would represent a national concern for the United States government.

The Commission of is firing back at collapsed cryptocurrency exchange FTX’s accusations that the nation had directed unauthorized access to transfer assets off the platform after it filed for bankruptcy protection in the United States In a Wednesday notice, the regulating authority called the allegations “intemperate and inaccurate.”

Chart of the Day

Coindesk - Unknown

  • The chart shows the price of liquid-staking protocol Lido’s staked ether (stETH) crypto token fell to 0.97 ETH early Thursday.
  • As reported by  tech sleuth Lookonchain, the de-pegging happened after a whale removed over 84,00 ETH from decentralized exchange Curve’s stETH-ETH pool.
  • Historically, stETH’s deviation from ETH price has coincided with market uncertainty.
  • The previous episodes of de-pegging saw smart money snap up stETH at a discount and eventually  sell at par.

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