3 INCREDIBLE Altcoins to Dominate Cryptos Next BIG Story

Discover the top 3 privacy-focused altcoins, including Mina Protocol, Secret Network, and Aleph Zero, and their unique features for potential big profits in the crypto market.

I have uncovered the following big game changing cryptocurrency narrative for big profits. Privacy! On the other hand, their are at least 2 dozen projects out there whose major focus is privacy. 

Which crypto altcoins are under my radar to make big profits? And why? Let’s discover them.

1) Mina Protocol (MINA)

Mina Protocol is a unique protocol which size is only 22kb. Despite the fact that usage can grow, its size always remains constant. By now you should know that if you watch the channel regularly. And, instead of talking about that, let’s see what Mina can or cannot do.

Mina works with zk-SNARKs. This implies that this technology can prove something without supplying any insight to what needs approving. That’s the same as with all zk-related technology.

And, here’s what Mina Protocol can do:

  • Run Mina on your mobile phone. At the same, you run a full node!
  • It can verify long calculations for accuracy.
  • Verifying datasets without knowing all details. These are the zk-SNARKs at work. Mina doesn’t share data, even if requested. Nonetheless, it does share proof of data. 
  • Interact with websites. Other blockchains teck do not or can’t do this. On the other hand, Mina can access real life data. It’s almost like an oracle. Mina’s zkApps take care of this. Here are other use cases.

And, these are the pros of Mina. Now, let’s take a look at some cons. For example, its largest issue. Mina can manage 22 transactions per Second. That’s marginally better compared to Bitcoin, with 7 TPS. Nonetheless, if we look at other chains, we see Solana (SOL) with 50,000TPS or Sui with a potential of 200,000TPS.

And, you like Mina? You can trade it on ByBit. With our ongoing promotional offer with ByBit, you stand to win up to $30,000 and a new iPhone in a giveaway! We will move on to my Second pick. The Secret Network on Cosmos.

2) Secret Network (SCRT)

Secret Network is one of those quiet builders in the background. They’re likewise one of the privacy OGs. Secret is one of the 59 zones in the Cosmos IBC.  And, Secret has some interesting new and recent updates.

There is, for example, their latest network upgrade (Version 1.9). Nonetheless, the team calls it IBC v4 + VRF. Let’s see what this means:

  • Secret Surge: This is a Decentralized Finance incentives campaign where you can earn extra bonus (up to $4 million) when supplying liquidity in Secret Applications. For example, Shade, Blade, SiennaSwap, or Secret Swap. Take advantage from April to October.
  • Secret VRF (a Verifiable Random Function) is an API. It randomly generates numbers and works cross-chain. For example, it makes Non-Fungible Token (NFT) minting, gaming, or DAOs secure. For instance, for minting it adds random traits and numbering. In gaming, loot boxes or gambling has to  be random. The VRF takes care of this. It likewise emphasizes the start of ‘Privacy as a Service’.
  • Packet-forward-middleware. This moves assets or data around in a simpler way. You can now route IBC packets with a single transaction. And it’s betwixt numerous chains.
  • IBC emergency button. This can temporarily halt IBC transactions. For example, when somebody steals funds on an IBC DEX. It needs a multisig address and governance approval.
  • The Secret tunnel. It replaces older bridges for Ethereum (ETH) and BSC. The tunnel is on Axelar.

And, another privacy chain with plenty of new features. Chains that keep building during this bear market, will possibly likely surge in the following bull run. Just saying. And if you want to add it to your bags before it surges, you know where to go: ByBit.

3) Aleph Zero (AZERO)

Our Second coin on helping to preserve personal privacy is Aleph Zero. This is one of our favorite projects overall. And definitely a favorite in the privacy sector.

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They have a couple of exciting new features on the horizon. They are all privacy enhanced. And, let’s take a look at them.

  • Tangem – This is a hardware wallet and has the size of a credit card. Nonetheless, it requires an NFC phone. This technology allows for contactless payments. It’s open source and doesn’t collect user data.
  • Signer – A browser extension that helps you manage your private keys. It’s not a wallet, but rather a solution that can hold a secret.
  • Dashboard – This is indeed live. You can manage your AZERO and related crypto tokens here. For instance, staking, bonding, or unbonding. It has a user-friendly UI.
  • Azero ID – The first-ever private domain system.
  • Liminal 1.0 – The privacy enhancing layer for Aleph Zero with ZK technology. It will hit the streets in 2023. Liminal 2.0 will follow and is the full version.
  • Common – A DEX, which will launch in 2023. If you stake AZERO, you are eligible for a Common crypto token airdrop.

And, as you can see, plenty of news coming from Aleph Zero. Exciting times are ahead for this project. At Altcoin Buzz, we keep a close eye on Aleph Zero, and will keep you updated.


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