Algorand flies high: the partnership with FIFA is working

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Algorand: the partnership with FIFA for the World Cup in Qatar discovered in early October, is eventually  showing fruit. 

Thanks to the fall of the non-fungible token(NFT)  collection, FIFA + and its new update, the Algorand blockchain tech has had a 15 percent increase in just several  days since the start of the World Cup. 

FIFA+ collect and its new update drive Algorand’s price up

The deal in question will make Algorand the official blockchain tech platform of FIFA and provide the sports giant with an official blockchain-supported wallet . For its part, Algorand will benefit from FIFA’s sponsorship, becoming a regional supporter of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and an official sponsor of FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023.

The new digital enables fans around the globe to own unique digital collectibles at affordable prices. Fans can buy images and moments from the game, via sachet packs of FIFA World Cup and FIFA Women’s World Cup non-fungible token(NFT)  “stickers” from some of the greatest historical matches. 

FIFA Director of External Affairs Romy Gai stated:

“Fandom is changing and soccer fans around the globe are engaging with the game in new and exciting ways. This exciting notice makes FIFA collectibles available to all soccer fans, democratizing the chance to own a piece of the FIFA World Cup. Just like sports memorabilia and stickers, this is an accessible opportunity for fans around the globe to interact with their favorite players, moments and more on new platforms.”

With the new update, released as early as the world started, the FIFA+ platform has registered thousands of users. A small step toward future of the a more modern, digital fanbase. 

FIFA President Infantino announced: 

“I look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with Algorand. The partnership is a clear indication of Fifa’s commitment to continually seek innovative channels for revenue growth for further financing in soccer, providing transparency to our and fans around the world.”

Algorand claims to be the most efficient, environmentally friendly and secure platform in the world

We are talking about a particularly heartfelt and relevant within the cryptocurrency and blockchain-loving community. 

Indeed, by several specialists in the field, Algorand is regarded as one of the most and useful projects at present in existence. 

Endorsed by a large group of engineers and computer scientists, Algorand’s goal is to redesign blockchain tech technology so that it becomes infinitely scalable. Algorand intends to create a borderless economy through its decentralized, permissionless public blockchain.

The words of its founder, MIT professor Silvio Micali:

“Algorand has removed the technical barriers that have undermined traditional blockchain tech adoption for years. We designed Algorand’s blockchain tech to give innovators the fundamental confidence they  needs to implement change.”

The way Algorand works is essentially on these 3 parameters: scalability, decentralization and security. Indeed, the Algorand team wants to an efficient and solution to the so-called “ Blockchain Tech Trilemma,” which is the co-presence of the over 3 factors that would ideally make a blockchain tech “perfect.”

With its new partnership with FIFA, it has earned the position of Official Sponsor of the event, a great stage to showcase its platform so cherished in the cryptocurrency ecosystem

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