Avorak AI discovers vulnerability in Ethereum development

Avorak AI discovers vulnerability in Ethereum development

Discover the latest news about Avorak’s state-of-the-art products that combine the speed of blockchain transactions with the power of AI, as well as updates on their upcoming ICO and launch, including a unique payment system that benefits investors.

Avorak has been hitting the headlines for its state-of-the-art products that manage to combine the instantaneous transactions of blockchain tech with the power of AI.

Developing these contracts and Web 3.0 takes whole lot of skill, knowledge, and prowess. Any team worth its salt would be incredibly welcoming of outside input, and Avorak is no different.

Anthony Elsher in Bitcoin (BTC) Miami

Anthony was spotted in Bitcoin (BTC) Miami 2023 by a reporter, trying to keep a low profile.

Normally Bitcoin (BTC) Miami is quite strong on the ‘only Bitcoin’ ethos, shunning most other digital currencies in favor of BTC’s ‘truly decentralized’ concept. Nonetheless, numerous ‘ crypto altcoin enthusiasts’ and cryptocurrency traders make up the crowd that can be found at the event, including developers.

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The reporter pointed out that Elsher was spotted in what appeared to be a meeting with another trending developer known for making one of the highest volume DEX on Ethereum (ETH). Without confirmation and with respect to the identity of the developer, we won’t be name him, but you can be sure he has helped develop greater than several  ‘Unicorns’ in his time.

Within hours of the meeting, it was spotted on-chain that certain contracts were being deployed and stress-tested with wallets linked to this developer and Anthony, meaning although any partnership cannot be confirmed, it is likely.

Avorak ICO

Avorak is gearing up for an incredible launch with products that allow users to generate creative content, trade and analyze markets and sooner or  thereafter run a smart-contract compatible chain that fuels the entire ecosystem.

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Users as of now buying the AVRK crypto token in Phases Six and 7 of the ICO are guaranteed a launch price of $1.00, well over the phase prices of $0.235 and $0.25.

Avorak Launch

After launch, the crypto token itself will be part of the payment system used to access the platform, with AVRK being used to pay the fees.

This is a next-generation system, as Avorak is implementing a payment system that, when a user pays the AVRK to use the products, gets routed through the Avorak Revenue Share contract. This contract splits all payments into 3. 49 percent is forwarded to the Avorak team. 2 percent is burned forever, making the AVRK crypto token infinitely deflationary.

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The last 49 percent is distributed back to those holding AVRK. This implies almost half of the project’s revenue is sent back to the investors, essentially making a passive income that doesn’t involve minting more tokens.

Whether or not the development work that may have been in discussion at Bitcoin (BTC) Miami was focussing on this payments system is anyone’s guess, but what is for sure is the fact that Avorak has big names interested, and when that happens, the future is usually bright.

Want to learn more about Avorak Artificial Intelligence (AI) or join the beta testing?
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