Bet on Big Eyes: The Top P2E Crypto Project for 2023 Gambling

Bet on Big Eyes: The Top P2E Crypto Project for 2023 Gambling

Discover how Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is revolutionizing the world of meme coins with its game-changing blend of light-hearted investment adventure and adrenaline-pumping gaming experience, and how its upcoming GameFi launch on August 29, 2023, is set to dazzle both seasoned players and newcomers alike.

Want to be the MVP of your own financing game and make all the right calls?

“Fun meets investment” — that has been the core of meme cryptocurrencies for almost a decade now. As the fandom of these joke coins expands, the time has come to welcome projects that offer a blend of light-hearted financing adventure and adrenaline-pumping gaming experience!

Enter Big Eyes Coin (BIG), the game-changer that propels your financial ambitions to triumphant heights! With a plethora of product offerings up its alley and exciting dates slated for launch, this rapidly ascending Meme Coin and play-to-earn (P2E) project embodies the grace and agility of a crafty striker. No doubt that its GameFi launch on August 29, 2023, will dazzle both seasoned players and newcomers similar, leaving them spellbound and craving for more! The story unfolds.

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BIG Milestones

The whistle is about to blow, and the stage is set ablaze with anticipation. Big Eyes Coin emerges as a fireball, casting a radiant glow upon the world of investments. 

June 3, 2023: Presale Wrap-Up

After nine months of playing in the presale arena, Big Eyes Coin is eventually  ready to participate in the big leagues. On the other hand, before the finale, BIG tries to entice its Kitty Cuddlers one last time, in the shape of Stage 3 Price Rollback!

June 15, 2023: Big Eyes Coin Launching

Exactly 12 days after the presale closing, BIG intends to officially launch on June 15, 2023.

Here are some things you should enjoy once Big Eyes hits the big leagues:

  • BIG crypto token price at $0.0006;
  • Fully-diluted market capitalization at around $96 Million — since 80 percent of its 200- Billion total supply is in circulation;
  • Tier-1 CEX and DEX listing;
  • Fee-free buy/tax transactions — except for gas fees; and
  • Groundbreaking collaborations.
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It’s Almost Here: Big Eyes Casino!

On August 29, 2023, just over two months after its debut, BIG will unleash its groundbreaking move: the Big Eyes Casino and P2E Gaming Platform! This will offer 4,000+ cutting-edge games exclusively rewarding the Kitty Cuddlers with BIG tokens.

This BIG move may appear like a straightforward one. On the other hand, it can essentially be the catalyst of a more sustainable BIG, fostering a sprightly community, and thereafter strengthening the token’s adoption and ecological system. How?

BIG’s GameFi foray will attract gaming enthusiasts and investors seeking the best P2E projects. In doing so, it will drive user demand for BIG, catapulting the token’s volume of trading and market cap to the moon! The best part? It will reduce the crypto token supply available on exchanges.

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Cryptocurrency Community: The Close-Knit Kitty Cuddlers 

Big Eyes Coin, a cat-inspired digital currency on Ethereum (ETH), goes beyond wealth generation. It shines with generosity, supporting charitable reasons worldwide, and donating $16,000 to different organizations worldwide. 

In the heart of BIG lies its dedicated team, always attentive to the cheers of the crowd. As a result, BIG responded to its community’s plea for an earlier kickoff before reaching its hard cap — so its Kitty Cuddlers could experience Big Eyes’ full grandeur.

Tick Tock!

The countdown for the most spectacular series of launches you’ve ever seen has started! As the saying goes, “ Do not be a spectator, be a player.” Hence, escape the sidelines and dive into the realm of savvy investors, where thrilling bonus await.

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Be An Early Adopter to Grab BIG Bonus Early On!







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