Beware of Scam Tokens Riding the Meme Coin Craze

Beware of Scam Tokens Riding the Meme Coin Craze

Discover which meme coins are scams in the midst of the mania, as PeckShield reports on 24 fake meme tokens that have rug pulled investors in the last 10 days.

Scam coins are riding the wave of meme cryptocurrency mania led by PEPE coin frenzy. PeckShield has detected 24 scam Meme Coin crypto tokens within the last 10 that rug pulled their investors.

Scammers appear to have taken the chance of meme cryptocurrency mania to create and liquidate their fake crypto tokens and drain millions of dollars of investors. Reports by the PeckShieldAlert research, there has been a huge spike in meme cryptocurrency rug pulls in the last 10 days.

These meme cryptocurrencies rug pulled their investors

PeckShield listed 24 fake Meme Coin crypto tokens, including BENS, PSYOP, FOG, TINDER, and WorldCoin that had their liquidity removed in the last 10 days. These all crypto tokens resurfaced from the ongoing meme cryptocurrency mania as these terms trended on social media for some reason or another. SEI crypto token, which was made earlier today, has already had its liquidity removed.

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PeckShield reported that SEI crypto token scammers at the beginning funded 5.19 $ Ethereum (ETH) from OKX exchange, pumping the token’s price to lure investors and then draining the pool.

Bitcoin (BTC) pizza day launched a slew of fake coins

Fake token’s issuers profited over $200,000 from pizza-related rug pulls on the 13th anniversary of Bitcoin (BTC) Pizza Day. The pizza day is celebrated as it is considered the 1st ever commercial Bitcoin (BTC) transaction. Around 14 pizza-related meme cryptocurrencies were announced a day before the Bitcoin (BTC) Pizza Day and most of them turned out to be scams, as per dextool. PeckShield further warned not to fall for the latest created crypto token BEREAL.  

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