Big Wins for Crypto: BEN, AiDoge, and $COPIUM Make Major Moves!

Big Wins for Crypto: BEN, AiDoge, and $COPIUM Make Major Moves!

Read about the recent developments in the world of meme cryptocurrencies, including the skyrocketing price of BEN Coin, the successful presale of AiDoge, and the upcoming token burn for Copium.

The last day has been a rollercoaster ride for followers of Meme Coin digital currencies, marked by a series of key developments that grabbed the spotlight.

BEN Coin ($BEN) led the rally, with its value skyrocketing by 94 percent overnight, peaking at a monumental $0.000000156.

On the other hand, $BEN wasn’t the only meme cryptocurrency stirring up the market. AiDoge ($AI) and Copium ($COPIUM) weren’t far behind, making their own headline-worthy announcements that aroused investor curiosity.

Newcomer BEN Coin Makes a Splash – On the other hand, Can This Momentum Be Sustained?

BEN Coin is the latest project to make waves in the rapidly-evolving meme cryptocurrency niche.

Having only launched several  weeks ago, $BEN has already posted an record-breaking peak of $0.000000188 on May 9, per CoinMarketCap.

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This achievement thrust it into the limelight, convincing MEXC, one of the largest worldwide cryptocurrency exchanges, to list $BEN on May 12, which sparked a slight uptick in price.

Nonetheless, this pales in comparison to the positive  tendency wave experienced in the past 24 hours.

At the time of publication, there is no apparent reason for $BEN’s 94 percent price pump. This hasn’t fazed early BEN Coin investors, who have generated exponential returns in the previous few weeks. 

Nonetheless, BEN Coin’s official Twitter account hasn’t tweeted since May 11, except for retweeting a post from Ben Armstrong, the mind behind the BitBoy Cryptocurrency YouTube channel.

The retweeted post disclosed that Armstrong would be assuming the reins from ben.eth, the project’s original creator.

This caution aside, there has is still to be any movement regarding utility or tokenomics changes. Per, the total supply of $BEN remains constant at 420,690,000,000,000, with a little over 17,100 crypto token holders.

This gives $BEN a fully-diluted market capitalization of $52,688, placing it ahead of recently- trending meme cryptocurrencies like Milady Meme Cryptocurrency and Dogecoin (DOGE) Killer.

All in all, the dramatic price increase of $BEN appears somewhat mysterious, given the absence of a clear trigger – so it remains to be seen if $BEN can maintain its upward trajectory or if this surge is merely fleeting.

AiDoge’s Combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Memes Sparks Presale Frenzy & Raises $12 Million

Although while $BEN persists to pump, meme cryptocurrency sensation AiDoge ($AI) is likewise making whole lot of strides, this time in the presale market.

Within the recent hours, AiDoge has just breached the $12 Million mark during its presale phase – all in less than one month.

The buzz around AiDoge’s presale has been nothing short of spectacular, with investors clamoring to buy $ Artificial Intelligence (AI) crypto tokens while they’re still being offered at a discount relative to the planned CEX listing price.

A solid community has likewise formed around the AiDoge project – with over 34,000 people following its official Twitter page.

The extraordinary trajectory of AiDoge hasn’t gone unnoticed by heavyweights in the social media arena.

Big Wins for Crypto: BEN, AiDoge, and $COPIUM Make Major Moves!

Michael Wrubel, who boasts over 310,000 subscribers on YouTube, put out a video revealing that he’d invested in the AiDoge presale – and that he’s highly optimistic about its future.

Similarly, cryptocurrency influencer Jacob Bury shared a video to his 16,900+ subscribers, detailing how he believes the $ Artificial Intelligence (AI) price could “pump 10x” upon its exchange listing.

The bullishness of these two trending figures in the cryptocurrency community stems from AiDoge’s fusion of artificial intelligence concepts and a catchy “Doge-style” design.

As detailed in its whitepaper, AiDoge will likewise feature a first-of-its-kind Meme Coin generator, where users can instantly create memes using text-based prompts – no caption or photo-editing experience is required.

Excitingly, AiDoge likewise has a built-in earnings protocol allowing users to receive $ Artificial Intelligence (AI) crypto tokens as a reward for creating trending memes. These $ Artificial Intelligence (AI) crypto tokens can then be used to create more memes – thereby creating a circular economy.

Meme Coin coin lovers will be keeping an eye on how AiDoge’s roadmap unfolds over the months ahead – if it manages to replicate the resounding success of its early presale phase, then $ Artificial Intelligence (AI) investors are certainly in for an exciting ride.

Visit AiDoge Presale

Copium’s Next Crypto Token Burn Ignites Market Excitement

Another intriguing player in the meme cryptocurrency sphere is Copium ($COPIUM).

Past week, Copium made a striking debut by listing on the Uniswap DEX and skyrocketing over 800 percent during  several  hours.

This propelled the $COPIUM price to a high of $0.0162 – is still this high was short-lived, and the crypto token has pulled back in the previous four days.

Nonetheless, the “Copium Club” is getting excited once  once more, as Copium’s developers tweeted several  hours ago that there will be a colossal crypto token burn today, set to kick off at 6pm CET (4pm UTC).

Big Wins for Crypto: BEN, AiDoge, and $COPIUM Make Major Moves!

This event will permanently eliminate 30 percent of the total crypto token supply – a staggering 300 Million $COPIUM.

Naturally, this decreases the circulating supply of $COPIUM, making the remaining crypto tokens scarcer and potentially more valuable. Assuming that crypto token demand holds steady, this could provoke a notable surge in price.

Crypto Token burns are typically well-received by the broader market as they highlight a developer’s commitment to amplifying value for current crypto token holders.

This crypto token burn has got the Copium Telegram community buzzing, with numerous members speculating that $COPIUM could 10x once it has concluded.

As the clock ticks down towards this crypto token burn, optimism surrounding $COPIUM is growing – marking it as a meme cryptocurrency to watch closely over the following 24 hours.

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