Bitcoin’s ATH Potential 🚀 $1.5B Options Expiring Today! 😱

Bitcoin’s ATH Potential 🚀 .5B Options Expiring Today! 😱

Analysis of Bitcoin Options Expiry and Market Stability

As a crypto enthusiast, you might be interested to know that approximately 21,000 Bitcoin options contracts are set to expire on Friday, April 12, with a total value of about $1.5 billion. This amount is slightly higher than the previous expiration event, highlighting the significance of this week’s expiry.

In addition, the crypto markets have shown relative stability throughout the week, with the total market capitalization hovering around $2.7 trillion. Bitcoin continues to play a dominant role in driving market movements, suggesting that the outcome of the options expiry could have a notable impact on the overall market sentiment.

Insights into Bitcoin Options Expiry

When looking at today’s expiring Bitcoin derivatives, it is essential to note that the put/call ratio stands at 0.62. This ratio indicates that there are nearly double the number of call (long) contracts expiring compared to put (short) contracts, signaling a bullish sentiment among traders.

  • The max pain point for this expiry is identified at $69,000, which is slightly lower than the current spot prices of Bitcoin.
  • Bulls seem to be dominating the derivatives markets, with a significant amount of open interest at strike prices above $70,000. Notably, strike prices of $80,000 and $100,000 have garnered substantial open interest, amounting to $880 million and $934 million, respectively, on Deribit.

“Volatility levels in the crypto market have risen significantly this week, with $70,000 and $3,500 [for ETH contracts] very much up for grabs,” noted a provider of crypto derivatives tools, Greeks Live.

The observed implied volatility has seen notable declines across major terms, with emphasis on sell calls as the dominant trade of the month. Moreover, expectations surrounding the halving event appear to have been overstated based on current market trends.

12 April Options Data. 21,000 BTC options set to expire with a Put Call Ratio of 0.62 and a notional value of $1.5 billion. 230,000 ETH options due to expire with a Put Call Ratio of 0.49 and a notional value of $800 million…

Aside from the Bitcoin contracts expiring today, a total of 230,000 Ethereum options are also reaching their expiry. These contracts hold a notional value of $800 million, with a put/call ratio of 0.49 and a max pain point of $3,425.

Greeks Live suggests that while sentiment may have slowed down, the upcoming halving event could potentially support Bitcoin’s price in the short term.

Cryptocurrency Market Overview

Currently, cryptocurrency markets are experiencing relatively flat trading conditions, with the total market capitalization standing at $2.74 trillion at the time of this analysis.

  • Bitcoin has managed to stay above the $70,000 mark, despite a brief dip below it on April 11. As of the Friday morning Asian trading session, Bitcoin was valued at $70,900, positioning it just 4.2% away from its all-time high.
  • On the other hand, Ethereum saw a 1.3% decline to trade at $3,522. The altcoin market exhibited mixed performances, with minor gains or losses among high-cap tokens.

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