Chainlink (LINK) struggles 📉 as 13% supply now in profit 😔

Chainlink (LINK) struggles 📉 as 13% supply now in profit 😔

Chainlink’s Price Outlook: Should You Sell or Hold?

Chainlink’s price has been on a bullish trend recently, outperforming Bitcoin with a significant rally. However, there are indications that investors might move to sell their holdings, which could affect the future price of Chainlink. Let’s take a closer look at the factors influencing the decision to sell or hold your Chainlink tokens.

Chainlink Investors Might Move to Sell

  • As Chainlink’s price surged, LINK investors saw profitable returns, potentially prompting them to sell.
  • The recent correction led to a decrease in the total profitable LINK supply, indicating that some investors may be looking to take profits.
  • Approximately 82.18 million LINK, worth nearly $1.3 billion, are currently in profit, which could trigger selling activities.
    • This shift in profitable supply could lead to a downward pressure on Chainlink’s price as investors try to secure their gains.
    • Despite the positive impact of increased profits, it could also result in a sell-off to prevent potential losses in the future.

Understanding the Market Value and MVRV Ratio

  • The Market Value to Realized Value (MVRV) ratio is a key metric used to assess investor gains and losses in the cryptocurrency market.
  • Chainlink’s 7-day MVRV ratio of 11% indicates a profit-taking sentiment among investors, which may lead to selling pressure.
  • Historically, BTC has experienced corrections when the MVRV ratio reaches levels between 8% and 15%, signaling a potential risk zone for the cryptocurrency.

LINK Price Prediction: Breaking Through Resistance

  • Chainlink’s recent price surge of 20% brought it to $15.8, but the digital asset faces a critical resistance at $15.6.
  • If LINK manages to surpass this barrier and turn it into support, a potential recovery could be in sight.
    • However, failure to sustain above $15.6 could result in a retest of support levels at $14.6 and $13.4.

Looking Ahead: Key Price Levels for Chainlink

  • The next major resistance for Chainlink’s price is at $18, with a potential breakout if it crosses $17 and holds above that level.
    • If the $18 resistance is breached and becomes support, Chainlink could invalidate bearish signals and aim for further gains.

Hot Take: Is it Time to Sell or Hold Your Chainlink Tokens?

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Considering the current market conditions and the potential selling pressure from investors, you may want to evaluate your position in Chainlink carefully. Keep an eye on key resistance levels and monitor market sentiment to make an informed decision about whether to sell or hold onto your LINK tokens.

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