Coinbase Fights Back with SEC Mandamus Petition

Coinbase Fights Back with SEC Mandamus Petition

Coinbase files for a mandamus petition against the SEC, citing alleged inaction on digital asset regulation and hindering its rights under the Administrative Procedure Act.

On Tuesday, Coinbase responded to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) by filing a mandamus petition. On Wednesday, Chief Legal Officer Paul Agrawal expressed his view on Twitter, asserting that utilizing a writ of mandamus is the suitable legal recourse for addressing the unique circumstances presented in this case.

In addition, Agrawal included a link to the corresponding filing in his tweet. Suppose Coinbase’s petition is rejected by the SEC. In that case, it is still possible for them to be required, using a mandamus, to address the  challenge of digital investment regulation following United States laws.

Mandamus, a court order designed to secure compliance by a Government body with specific requests, may be gathered to enforce a resolution in this particular regard. Coinbase Crypto exchange has raised concerns regarding the SEC’s alleged inaction from two key aspects.

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Firstly, the exchange claims that the SEC failed to provide clear guidance on digital investment regulation regardless of the exchange’s initial inquiry for more definitive rules.

Secondly, Coinbase Crypto exchange takes issue with the SEC’s response to the court, where the agency was prompted to address Coinbase’s request but allegedly dropped short of delivering a satisfactory answer.

Coinbase Crypto exchange stated in its filing:

The SEC has demonstrated its intent continuation its enforcement campaign against the cryptocurrency industry on the very topics raised by Coinbase’s petition while ignoring that petition as it has done for years with other digital-asset-related rulemaking petitions.

Regardless of the outcome of the exchange’s petition, it maintains that the court should hold oversight of the SEC and promote   the commission to make progress in its rulemaking process. If the court proceeds with a writ of mandamus, the SEC must respond within 7 days.

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Coinbase Crypto exchange Engages in APA Argument

By not responding to Coinbase’s petition, the SEC is being accused by the exchange of hindering its capacity to exercise its rights under the Administrative Procedure Act effectively. Coinbase Crypto exchange argues that the lack of response prevents them from challenging the commission’s decision or lack thereof seeing as rulemaking, both in practical and potentially legal terms.

In the United States, the APA is a federal law regulating federal agencies’ rulemaking and administrative procedures. This law mandates the practices agencies must abide by when creating, modifying, or repealing regulations.

In April, Coinbase Crypto exchange began a lawsuit against the SEC, seeking regulatory clarity, following the agency’s issuance of a Wells Notice to the exchange. The court compelled the SEC to respond to Coinbase Crypto exchange. In its response, the commission indicated that no statutory or regulatory commitment requires them to take specific actions during a selected timeline.

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