Coinbase’s Listing Roadmap Boosts AI-Focused Altcoin 🚀🔥

Coinbase's Listing Roadmap Boosts AI-Focused Altcoin 🚀🔥

An AI-Focused Altcoin Gains Momentum as Coinbase Considers Listing

An artificial intelligence altcoin project is experiencing a surge in value following the announcement that Coinbase, the leading US cryptocurrency exchange, is considering adding the token to its platform. Akash Network (AKT) has been included in Coinbase’s “listing roadmap,” indicating that the exchange may offer support for the digital asset in the future. As news of this potential listing spread, AKT’s price rose by over 10% from its daily low. Akash Network is a decentralized open-source cloud network that facilitates decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, machine learning, blockchains, and AI.

Listing Roadmap and Increased Transparency

The listing roadmap was introduced by Coinbase in 2022 to enhance transparency and prevent investors from taking advantage of advance knowledge of new trading support announcements. This initiative provides customers with insight into the assets that Coinbase is considering listing in the future. By including AKT in its roadmap, Coinbase has generated excitement and positive sentiment around the altcoin.

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Bullish Sentiment from Influential Figures

A number of prominent individuals within the cryptocurrency industry have expressed optimism about AKT’s potential. Arthur Cheong, a venture capitalist, believes that AKT has significant upside potential and describes it as an extremely promising project with strong fundamentals. Additionally, Altcoin Psycho, a pseudonymous trader, has touted AKT as his “new favorite altcoin” and predicts that its market cap will position it among the top 50 digital assets. Currently, AKT holds the 91st spot with a market cap of $987.6 million.

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Conclusion: AKT’s Potential Growth

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As Coinbase considers adding Akash Network (AKT) to its platform, the altcoin has experienced a significant rally. This development has generated excitement among investors and industry experts who recognize AKT’s potential for growth. With its focus on artificial intelligence and decentralized applications, AKT is well-positioned to capitalize on the increasing demand for these technologies. As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, AKT’s inclusion on Coinbase’s listing roadmap further solidifies its credibility and opens up new opportunities for value appreciation.

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