Community Celebrates as Cardano Reduces Stake Pool Fees, Signifying a Significant Victory

Community Celebrates as Cardano Reduces Stake Pool Fees, Signifying a Significant Victory

Cardano’s First On-Chain Governance Pool

Cardano (ADA) has taken a whole lot of step towards achieving its vision of complete decentralization with the introduction of its first on-chain governance pool. As part of a test, the Proof-of-Stake (POS) network proposed changing two critical parameters within the ecological system. The response from the community was overwhelming, prompting Cardano (ADA) to prioritize user-driven governance and listen to its users. This move marks the beginning of an era where the network’s direction is shaped by the voice of the community.

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Proposed Parameter Changes

In May 2023, Cardano (ADA) put forth proposals to modify two critical parameters on the network: the k parameter, which determines the optimal number of stake pools, and the minPool cost, which sets the minimum fee a pool can charge per Epoch in ADA. These parameters play a pivotal role in the network’s operations.

Strong Community Participation

The voting results demonstrated strong community participation, with 50% of Cardano’s users participating in the vote. A total of over 10.85 Billion ADA, equivalent to approximately $4.1 billion, were staked in support of numerous proposition actions.

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Voting Results

The voting results revealed that 27% of participants favored increasing the stake pool limit to 1,000 and reducing the minimum ADA requirements for pool entry by half to 170 ADA.

Cardano could surpass Bitcoin, Ethereum and every other cryptocurrency in decentralization.

Commitment to Decentralization

Cardano’s decision to lower the minimum pool costs outlines its dedication to decentralization, community engagement, and user-driven governance. By giving the community a voice in shaping the network’s direction, Cardano (ADA) intends to surpass other digital currencies in terms of decentralization.

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Hot Take: Cardano (ADA) Empowers Its Community to Drive Decentralization

Cardano’s introduction of its first on-chain governance pool and its commitment to listening to the community’s voice marks a transformative moment for the network. By allowing users to engage in voting and proposing changes to critical parameters, Cardano (ADA) demonstrates its dedication to decentralization, community engagement, and user-driven governance. This move sets Cardano (ADA) apart from other digital currencies and positions it as a leader in the pursuit of complete decentralization.

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