Crypto Agency Launches Web3 Investor Launchpad Ownership Distribution

Crypto Agency Launches Web3 Investor Launchpad Ownership Distribution

Learn about CryptoHub Launchpad, a pioneering platform that empowers crypto projects of all sizes by providing cutting-edge tools and services, and become a shareholder in the future of decentralized finance.

[PRESS RELEASE – Lisbon, Portugal, May 24th, 2023]

In the dynamic world of digital currencies, launching a new crypto token or project can present numerous challenges, particularly in the case of securing traditional financing alternatives. Nonetheless, a groundbreaking solution has resurfaced in the form of cryptocurrency launchpads, offering streamlined processes that enable projects to win exposure, financing, and liquidity

Introducing CryptoHub Launchpad

a pioneering platform that empowers cryptocurrency projects of all sizes by  supplying cutting-edge tools and services. With a commitment to driving innovation, CryptoHub intends to set up itself as the premier launchpad in the industry, incorporating revolutionary features on plenty of prominent blockchain tech networks, including the highly anticipated PulseChain Network.

Recognizing the significance of collaboration and shared ownership, Cryptocurrency Hub has made a strategic decision to distribute the launchpad’s ownership and involvement between key players and esteemed cryptocurrency investors. This move will create a larger team and expand the decentralization of the launchpad, ensuring a more diverse and inclusive ecosystem.

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Launchpad Competitors and Income Projections

1 of the most prominent launchpads in the Web 3.0 space is PinkSale, which offers 3 key features:

  • Create tokens,
  • Conduct pre-sales
  • Crypto Token locks.

Looking at the financials of the pre-sale feature alone, PinkSale’s contract address on the Binance Crypto exchange Smart Chain (BSC) network has generated over 1,400 BNBs (worth approximately $400K) during a span of just 100 days. According to these numbers, their estimated yearly income exceeds $1.3 Million from BSC pre-sales and $7 Million in total features (excluding the flat 5 percent commission earned from the funds secured through pre-sales from their valued investors.

According to comprehensive analysis, it is evident that PinkSale is not an isolated case, as competitors in the launchpad market likewise exhibit strong financial performance.

Crypto Agency Launches Web3 Investor Launchpad Ownership Distribution

Most launchpads boast an average of 5 features and generate well over one Million USD in revenue. Seeing as CryptoHub Launchpad’s ambitious intend to offer 10 features, employ a team of fifteen members paid automatically from profits, and set up partnerships with major Web 3.0 corporations, the project itself could perform considerably better.

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Crypto Agency Launches Web3 Investor Launchpad Ownership Distribution

CryptoHub Launchpad Ownership Explained

There are four types of shareholders in CryptoHub Launchpad:

  • Core Founders (20 percent Ownership)
  • Team Members (15 percent Ownership)
  • Key Investors (20 percent Ownership)
  • Investors (45 percent Ownership)
  • Crypto Agency Launches Web3 Investor Launchpad Ownership Distribution

    To foster decentralization, CryptoHub has created a unique collection of Non-Fungible Token (NFTs) that represent ownership shares. These Non-Fungible Token (NFTs) can be found on OpenSea and serve as a means for wallet owners to claim their profits on the CryptoHub Foundation Website.

    Becoming a Shareholder

    For retail investors aspiring to become CryptoHub Launchpad shareholders, the procedure is straightforward. By minting an Ownership Share on the CryptoHub Minting Website (, individuals can secure their ownership position.

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    Each Non-Fungible Token (NFT) represents 0.25 percent ownership and will be priced at 0.4ETH during the public sale which commences on May 20th. This implies that if the sale is successful, each Non-Fungible Token (NFT) has the  capacity to generate $1,000 and potentially pay for itself within the 1st months of launchpad activity. Additionally, the protocol’s design makes it so that Non-Fungible Token (NFT) owners likewise have the  capacity to tap into the monthly revenue stream.

    Crypto Agency Launches Web3 Investor Launchpad Ownership Distribution

    The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) sale is divided into two stages: the Public Sale and the Whitelisted Sale.

    The Whitelisted Sale, a special opportunity reserved for winners of next competitions on Twitter platform, will be  posted on May 30th. Participants selected for the whitelist will enjoy a discounted price of 0.2 Ethereum (ETH) per Non-Fungible Token (NFT), representing a 50 percent reduction.

    The group behind CryptoHub Launchpad thinks that this is just the beginning of an exciting journey. Their vision extends far beyond the launchpad itself, as they are committed to shaping future of the (DeFi) and empowering cryptocurrency entrepreneurs worldwide.

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    About CryptoHub Launchpad

    CryptoHub Launchpad is a Web 3.0 Tool designed to revolutionize the blockchain tech ecological system by  supplying cryptocurrency projects with plenty of cutting-edge tools and services that streamline the fundraising process and facilitate access to worldwide markets.

    These tools include a Swap Aggregator for streamlined trading across different networks, a Crypto Token Creation feature for easy crypto token creation, Presales accessible to all skill levels and with an embedded feature, Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Creation & Crowdfunding for customized Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collections and fundraising, Staking Pool Factory, Company Registration on the blockchain tech, customizable crypto token Locks and much more.

    CryptoHub Launchpad intends to set up itself as the premier launchpad in the industry as they are committed to driving innovation and revolutionizing the way cryptocurrency projects thrive in the Web 3.0 landscape.

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    To learn more about CryptoHub Launchpad and become a part of this groundbreaking venture, visit their website and secure your ownership share in future of the decentralized finance.

    Website | OpenSea | Twitter | Whitepaper


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