Crypto Analyst John Deaton Supports Coinbase! 🚀🔥

Crypto Analyst John Deaton Supports Coinbase! 🚀🔥

The Fight for Crypto Freedom: Pro-XRP Lawyer Backs Coinbase

Pro-XRP lawyer and Senate hopeful John Deaton is stepping up to support top US-based crypto exchange Coinbase in its legal battle against the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Deaton is filing an amicus brief on behalf of 4,701 Coinbase customers in the ongoing lawsuit.

Brief Support for Coinbase:

  • Deaton files for permission to appear in court on behalf of Coinbase customers
  • Supporting the crypto exchange in the SEC lawsuit

Amicus Brief Backing:

An amicus brief is a legal document filed by individuals or entities not directly involved in a case to provide expertise and information that can support one side. Deaton’s amicus brief aims to offer insights beneficial to Coinbase’s defense in the lawsuit against the SEC.

Senate Campaign and Crypto Advocacy:

  • Deaton, a Senate candidate in Massachusetts, takes a stand for crypto rights
  • Backed by prominent figures like the Winklevoss twins and Ripple executives
  • Focused on advocating for the crypto community’s freedom

The Case Against Coinbase:

The SEC initiated legal action against Coinbase in 2023, alleging violations of securities laws for selling unregistered securities. Deaton’s support through the amicus brief aims to bolster Coinbase’s defense in this challenging legal battle.

“I will fight for that person that has $2,000 or $500 or $5,000 in savings in Bitcoin or whatever until the day I die. This isn’t about crypto, this is about freedom, this is about upward mobility, this is about people who want a fighting chance, people who are looking to build a little wealth. They’re not looking to get rich, they’re not ‘crypto bros,’ they’re just regular people [who want] a little exposure to this alternative asset class.”

Hot Take: Pro-Crypto Lawyer Supports Coinbase in Legal Battle

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In a bid to champion crypto rights and support Coinbase in its legal confrontation with the SEC, pro-XRP lawyer John Deaton has filed an amicus brief on behalf of thousands of Coinbase customers. His unwavering commitment to defending the interests of small investors in the crypto space highlights the significance of regulatory clarity and legal support within the industry.

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