Crypto Fight League gets a shout out from Joe Rogan

Crypto Fight League gets a shout out from Joe Rogan

Karate Combat is a unique fight league that uses crypto tokens as fan currency, and Joe Rogan has praised the idea, stating that if the UFC implements it, it would be very successful.

Karate Combat is an emerging fight league that deals with cryptocurrency crypto tokens. UFC broadcaster and host of Joe Rogan Experience gave a shout out to the league, saying it’s a very unique idea.

Karakte Combat allows members to use cryptocurrency crypto tokens as fan currency to vote on their 100 plus contracted fighters. The web 3 tokens-based Karate Combat is built on Hedera.

Joe Rogan calls it a great idea

Talking about Karate Combat, Joe Rogan stated that he really likes the idea of a crypto token that is attached to an organization. “That makes me excited about cryptocurrency tokens,” he added.

The league allows Krate crypto token holders to boost their favorite fighter’s potential bonus pool and earn additional crypto tokens at no risk. Karakte Combat states these crypto tokens differ from sports betting because there is no loser on a bet or wager.

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You either vote correctly and win crypto tokens or you just do not receive crypto tokens. They call is “no loss gaming”

Rogan thinks UFC can successfully implement this

Rogan praised the idea of giving 10 percent of the pool to the fighter. “If UFC implements this idea at some point, I think it’d be very successful,” Joe Rogan stated on his podcast. The league bonus fighters directly proportionately to the amount of betting.

Under the DAO structure, crypto token holders likewise determine the league’s budget, resource allocation, supplier selection, marketing strategy, rule changes and – within boundaries set by the league’s fight operations group – fighter contracts and fight match-up selections.

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The crypto-driven sports league has television broadcast distribution in greater than 100 countries through partnerships with leading media properties including CBS Sports, Globo, Eurosport, BeIN Sports and ESPN Deportes.


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