Crypto Security Goes James Bond with High-Tech Vault

Crypto Security Goes James Bond with High-Tech Vault

Discover Belfast’s first privately owned safe deposit box facility, offering customers the ultimate safety and privacy with cutting-edge security and state-of-the-art technologies, including biometric identification and seismic shock sensors, to store fiat currency, precious metals, and cryptocurrencies.

In Belfast’s bustling commercial sector, a James-Bond-style vault has been opened by The Vaults Group, where clients may store fiat currency, precious metals, and even cryptocurrencies. 

Cutting-edge security and state-of-the-art technologies distinguish this location as Belfast’s 1st privately owned safe deposit box facility. 

Customers have full peace of mind and privacy thanks to the vaults’ 24-hour surveillance, seismic shock sensors, fog cloak system, and biometric identification technology, which ensures that only the authorized individual may have access to their box, reports by information published by The Irish News on May 22. 

The increasing popularity of portable assets such as high-end watches and the use of digital currency as a storage medium is another factor that is driving interest. They are likewise being used more frequently by organizations that are more worried about the likelihood of hacking to store backup data on memory sticks and computer hard drives. 

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Irish businessmen Séamus Fahy and David Walsh established The Vaults Group to fill the need left by the disappearance of traditional bank safe deposit services. Fahy stated:

“Our customer base is incredibly varied – it is not just high net worth individuals. We have younger people wanting to store their digital currency and regularly converting their savings into gold, older people safeguarding their family heirlooms, and increasingly, enterprises choosing to store irreplaceable data.”

Interest in safety deposit boxes

Vaults Group, the most prominent private and independent supplier of safe deposit boxes in the United Kingdom and Ireland, revealed there is many of interest in the safe deposit boxes from both individuals and corporations; dozens of boxes have already been leased out.

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There are hundreds of safe deposit boxes available for rent at the location, starting at £200 per year (less than £4 per week), which represents an financing of £1 Million and will result in the creation of 10 new jobs.

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