Earn rewards with Mask Network’s Staking Season 1 for $MASK! 🚀🔒

Earn rewards with Mask Network's Staking Season 1 for $MASK! 🚀🔒

Unveiling Mask Network’s Staking Season 1 for $MASK Token Holders 🎭

Mask Network has launched its staking program’s inaugural season, giving $MASK token holders the chance to stake their tokens for rewards. The main objective of this initiative, as stated in the official Medium post by Mask Network, is to enhance community engagement and support the advancement of decentralized technology and social media solutions.

Staking Rewards 🏆

Participants in the staking program have the opportunity to earn additional tokens from Mask Network’s core partners and other promising projects within its ecosystem. By staking $MASK tokens, participants can earn points that can be exchanged for 700,000 $RSS3 and 40,000 $TON tokens. The staking process is accessible through Mask Network’s Staking Page on the Ethereum mainnet.

Points System 📊

The staking model operates on a points-based system, where users can earn 1 point per hour for each staked $MASK. Rewards are distributed based on the proportion of an individual’s points to the total accumulated points during the staking period. Participants can deposit $MASK at any time but can only withdraw their tokens at the end of the period. Assets are locked and cannot be withdrawn during the staking period.

Staking Guidelines 📜

Restricted Regions and Compliance

Staking is not available in certain restricted countries, including the US, Canada, China, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Netherlands, Crimea, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Bolivia, and Cuba. Participants must ensure compliance with relevant laws, including regulations on anti-money laundering (AML), counter-terrorist financing (CFT), sanctions, and financial regulations.

Eligible Participants

The staking program is open exclusively to individual users, with organizations, companies, or institutions not allowed to participate.

Security Measures

The staking contract undergoes rigorous security audits and testing to safeguard user assets. Nevertheless, participants should be aware of the risks involved in staking activities, such as market risks and smart contract vulnerabilities, and assess these risks carefully before engaging in staking.

About Mask Network ℹ️

Mask Network aims to bridge Web2 and Web3 decentralized applications, developing into a Web3 social conglomerate that invests in and builds decentralized social apps, developer tools, protocols, and creative content. For further information, refer to Mask Network’s official Medium post here.

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If you’re a $MASK token holder, don’t miss out on the opportunity to stake your tokens in Mask Network’s Staking Season 1. With rewards, a points system, and stringent security measures in place, this staking program could be a lucrative venture for crypto enthusiasts looking to engage with emerging decentralized technologies. Stay informed, assess the risks, and consider participating in this exciting initiative to earn additional tokens and support the growth of decentralized social solutions!

Earn rewards with Mask Network's Staking Season 1 for $MASK! 🚀🔒
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