Ecoterra and yPredict Raise $5.5 Million in Cryptocurrency Launch

Ecoterra and yPredict Raise $5.5 Million in Cryptocurrency Launch

Ecoterra and yPredict: Two New Crypto Launches Worth Watching as Emerging Crypto Projects See Major Success in the Market.

Despite the fact that the price of Bitcoin (BTC) persists to move sideways, emerging cryptocurrency projects are seeing major success in the market. Recent coin launches have seen four-digit profits and billions of dollars in trading volume.

2 new cryptocurrency launches worth watching are Ecoterra and yPredict. Let’s take a closer look at these potentially explosive projects.

Ecoterra Raises $4 Million for Cutting-edge Recycle-to-earn Platform

Ecoterra, a sustainable cryptocurrency project developing an innovative recycle-to-earn platform, has raised greater than $4.2 Million through its ongoing cryptocurrency presale.

The project’s Web 3.0 application enables users to scan packaging materials before recycling them to earn ECOTERRA. Once users deposit their recycling at a reverse vending machine, the Ecoterra application will release their reward.

The idea behind the project is to not only promote   recycling but incentivize it with cryptocurrency bonus. Users can hold or exchange their ECOTERRA, or use it to further support the planet.

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To that end, Ecoterra gives users the  potential to buy certified carbon credits from solar and wind projects around the globe. Users can buy the credits with ECOTERRA to offset their own emissions.

Alternatively, users can spend ECOTERRA in the platform’s fast- growing marketplace. The marketplace is home to eco-friendly enterprises, each of which has a transparent impact profile so consumers can see what efforts they’ve made to be more sustainable.

Ecoterra likewise offers features to assist enterprises be more sustainable. The platform includes a B2B marketplace for recycled packaging materials. It likewise gives enterprises access to data about which of their products are being recycled so they can design more sustainable packaging.


During Ecoterra’s presale, early investors can buy ECOTERRA at a price of $0.0085. That’s a 15 percent discount from the planned list price of $0.01.

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The presale runs until June 19 or until it reaches its hard cap of $6.7 Million. The project looks increasingly likely to sell everything since greater than 60 percent of allocated ECOTERRA has already been sold.

Early investors can buy ECOTERRA during the presale with Ethereum (ETH), USDT, or a credit card.

Visit Ecoterra Presale

yPredict Raises $1.5 Million for AI-powered Predictive Trading Models

yPredict is an all-in-one AI-powered ecological system for cryptocurrency traders, analysts, quants, and developers. It has raised greater than $1.5 Million, blowing through the presale’s soft cap in just several  weeks.


At the heart of yPredict is a set of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for building predictive trading models. These models enable traders to determine what the price of a cryptocurrency crypto token like Bitcoin (BTC) is very likely do in the following minutes, hours, days, or weeks.

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yPredict is making its suite of tools available to all users. Analysts, quants, and developers can create their own models within yPredict using their preferred technical indicators and assumptions. All models can be backtested to determine how they can potentially perform under real-world trading conditions.

Model creators can share their models with traders on a subscription basis through yPredict’s marketplace. This allows quants and developers to earn passive income from the platform while likewise generating revenue for yPredict.


Traders who want to buy model subscriptions will need YPRED, the project’s native Polygon Matic-based token.

Along with using YPRED to buy models, traders can stake the crypto token. Staking entitles YPRED crypto token holders to revenue sharing with yPredict and discounts on premium yPredict tools.

yPredict intends to incorporate predictive models into a custom trading terminal to make it easy for traders to go from analysis to execution. The platform will likewise leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to conduct automated chart pattern analysis, social media sentiment analysis, and more.

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During the yPredict presale, traders and investors can buy YPRED at a price of $0.07—a discount of greater than 40 percent from the anticipated list price of $0.12.

The presale has a hard cap of $6.5 Million, but the following price increase is just over a week away. Presale investors can buy YPRED with Ethereum (ETH), Matic, BNB, USDT, or a credit card.

Visit yPredict Presale

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