Edward Snowden’s Disinterest in Super Bowl, yet Bitcoin’s Price Continues to Soar

Edward Snowden's Disinterest in Super Bowl, yet Bitcoin's Price Continues to Soar

Edward Snowden Prefers Watching Bitcoin Price Chart Over Super Bowl

Yesterday, while millions of people were glued to their screens watching the Super Bowl, Edward Snowden revealed that he was more interested in monitoring the price of Bitcoin. He tweeted, “everybody watching the #SuperBowl and here i am watching the bitcoin chart”.

The Bitcoin Price During Super Bowl

Interestingly, just before Snowden’s tweet, the price of BTC experienced a quick surge from $48,300 to over $48,800, nearing its yearly high of $49,100. Throughout the day, the price fluctuated within a relatively tight range, staying above $48,000 but below $48,500. However, when the Super Bowl started, it briefly reached above $48,800, possibly influenced by Asian markets.

Jack Dorsey’s Satoshi T-Shirt

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A few hours after Snowden’s tweet, it was discovered that Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey was also present at the Super Bowl. What caught attention was his t-shirt that explicitly praised Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Price Drops After Super Bowl

After the Super Bowl ended, the price of BTC experienced a drop. About an hour before European markets reopened, it quickly fell below $47,800. It then made a slight recovery to $48,300 before dropping below $48,000 again. The recent surge in BTC’s price has put it in overbought territory with sentiments leaning towards greed. Trading volumes have also increased during this time.

The Impact of American Market Reopening

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The dynamics could change once traditional American markets reopen. As stock exchanges and ETF exchanges resume operations, there may be significant inflows of new capital into BTC. The day’s trading will determine whether there will be more buying pressure or if the selling pressure will continue. The Super Bowl had a minimal impact on crypto markets, causing only a brief and small spike in BTC’s price.

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