Encryptus partners with Azari Records to explore the non-fungible token(NFT)  ecosystem

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Encryptus, a licensed platform for institutional assets, has now collaborated with a record label Azadi . The firm announced the on its official handle. Encryptus will harness the partnership to the non-fungible token(NFT)  ecosystem and develop innovative use cases. This, as revealed, will enable holders to access premium content, limited edition merchandise, and VIP tour tickets, between others.

Encryptus, with this development, joins the growing list of institutional investing heavily in cryptocurrencies and non-fungible token(NFT). As reported by reports, the firm has enjoyed increased volume of trading regardless of the prevailing market conditions. Encryptus is moving to explore the cryptocurrency world further by collaborating with actors and cryptocurrency assets to the balance sheets.

Shantnoo Saxsena, Encryptus Founder and CEO, pointed out that institutional support for cryptocurrencies is still strong regardless of the ongoing bear market. He expressed his team’s excitement to be at the forefront of institutional cryptocurrency adoption. He stated, “it certainly doesn’t hurt that this institutional interest in the cryptocurrency market is likewise working on exciting existing investors who were contemplating hastily pulling out of .”

The CEO reacted to Encryptus’ partnership with Azadi Records. He sees the record label as a brand committed to availing South Asian artists with a platform to express themselves and explore the world of non-fungible token(NFT)  willingly. 

Saxsena intimated that Encryptus’ with the record label would grossly establish a use case for the non-fungible token(NFT)  ecosystem in India. This, as reported by him, will be done in compliance with the existing regulations in the country. He states, “our primary focus is compliance and respect for the law of the land.”

Founders of Azadi records, Mo Joshi and Uday Kapur, see Nayaab.World non-fungible token’s (NFT)  and their utilities as instruments capable of unlocking new for artist-fans engagement and building a deeper relationship in the middle of them.

1 of the artists associated with Azari records is Azadi Records. In the course of the partnership, he will work to unveil a native non-fungible token(NFT)  likewise as a tour across the country. Occasioned by the partnership, Azadi records will join the growing list of Indian music labels that will be integrating  of   Tech into their respective operations.

The CEO reveal encryptus is committed to delivering innovation worldwide by pushing the boundaries with blockchain tech. As reported by him, the firm intends to enable authorized financial services corporations to adopt .


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