Ethereum (ETH) Merging, Cryptocurrency Prices Rising, South Korea Do Kwoning and 20 Cryptocurrency Jokes

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1st things first, you all know the big news, let’s say it together: Ethereum (ETH) went through The Merge! Speaking of which, check out why The Merge may create a huge centralization problem, why it matters for Ethereum’s health that Lido thrives as a censorship-resistant entity, what awaits the along with the top 5 trends shaping cryptocurrency mining future, and why cloud mining is set to remain profitable for the coming years.

Bitcoin (BTC) price may be nearing a bottom, and though it suffered a substantial fall overnight, it may likewise pump again, and Bitcoin (BTC) mining difficulty went up for the fourth time in a row. ETH moved up against BTC, while the was the primary focus of outflows in terms of digital investment funds. Solana (SOL) went up this week, Ravencoin price went up on Ethereum (ETH) Merge effect, Celsius jumped 17 percent as news broke that the company is exploring new business areas, Web 3.0 domain names were overtaking Apes in volume of trading on OpenSea, and deal financial resources financing for non-fungible token(NFT)  and corporations within cryptocurrency rose by 66 percent in August. Algorand admitted it had shed USD 35 Million in the Hodlnaut implosion, and Amazon cryptocurrency crypto token prescale scam trended yet once more, while theorist Alex Jones is accused of channeling Bitcoin (BTC) donations into his own .

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While CEO Alex Mashinsky aims to revive Celsius as a custodian, LMAX Group CEO David Mercer stated institutions are still investing big in digital assets regardless of cryptocurrency winter, Assets is reported to be planning to attract Bitcoin trading to its 34.4m brokerage clients, Starbucks is diving into Web 3.0 and non-fungible token’s (NFT)  with intends to launch Starbucks Odyssey, cryptocurrency and  tech startup Blocko is aiming for the KOSDAQ and could become the nation’s 1st publicly listed company, while the number of South Korean 20- and 30-something cryptocurrency buyers ‘nearly tripled’ since 2020.

In the meantime  in South Korean, prosecutors announced an arrest warrant for Do Kwon, the co-founder and CEO of Terraform Labs, as they are looking into whether Terra (LUNA) Luna Classic or LUNC can be considered a security, and the authorities stepped in to void Kwon’s passport and expedite his deportation from Singapore. The country likewise tracked USD 1bn worth of fraudulent cryptocurrency transactions this year.

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As Japan’s released a series of financial administration policy recommendations with numerous mentions of crypto-related matters, in the United States, the Department stated that the sanction does not affect the rights of individuals to view and disseminate the open-source Tornado Cash code, the SEC is set to create a new office to handle the review of company filings related to cryptocurrency assets called the Office of Cryptocurrency Assets, the SEC chairman Garry Gensler revealed he wants the agency to cover numerous cryptocurrency industry entities with regulations that apply to securities, while Gurbir Grewal, the of the enforcement division, reiterated that the cryptocurrency industry should not expect to get a pass from the SEC. As all of this was happening, Coinbase   launched a new tool for users to learn about how their elected officials view cryptocurrency.

That’s the latest information for the week, now let’s laugh at some well-deserved jokes.

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Good Saturday morning, cryptocurrency twitter! How are you doing?

Ethereum Merging, Crypto Prices Rising, South Korea Do Kwoning And 20 Crypto Jokes
Source: narcocryptos / Instagram

Apparently hella high. 😶‍

…. 😁 ….

Source: NFT_World_News / Twitter

Europeans: “You mean ‘get up’ for The Merge?”

A veteran hodler.

Any time of the month is that time of the month.

Ethereum Merging, Crypto Prices Rising, South Korea Do Kwoning And 20 Crypto Jokes
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Which one’s yours?

Ethereum Merging, Crypto Prices Rising, South Korea Do Kwoning And 20 Crypto Jokes
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There’s always the dippity dip after the dip. It’s science.

The answer is essentially very simple: no.

Ethereum Merging, Crypto Prices Rising, South Korea Do Kwoning And 20 Crypto Jokes
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I’m thoroughly terrified of this creature.


And for the end of the Meme Coin section, some Meme Coin reflection – with truth in plain sight.

Ethereum Merging, Crypto Prices Rising, South Korea Do Kwoning And 20 Crypto Jokes
Source: xamanap / Twitter

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