Europes Largest Blockchain Ecosystem Gathering Announces Cosmos 2023 Speakers

Europes Largest Blockchain Ecosystem Gathering Announces Cosmos 2023 Speakers

Gateway to Cosmos 2023 announced speakers and sponsors for the three-day in-person conference and hackathon in Prague, bringing together top Web3 minds to shape the future of Cosmos, the Internet of blockchains.

[PRESS RELEASE – Prague, Czech Republic, May 25th, 2023]

Conference and Hackathon set for June 3-5 to begin Prague Blockchain Tech Week 

Gateway to Cosmos 2023 announced today the speakers and sponsors for the three-day in- individual conference and hackathon in Prague June 3-5 that will attract together top Web 3.0 minds to shape future of the Cosmos, the Internet of blockchains.

The event, which will kick off Prague Blockchain Tech Week, where Vitalik Buterin is a confirmed attendee, and will be the largest Cosmos community gathering in Europe, with 40+ extraordinaire speakers, 30+ presentations, 10 panel discussions, and 15 workshops.

Along with attending scheduled addresses, an anticipated 600 attendees will have an opportunity to browse the booths in the Cosmos Gateway Expo, talk to project and vendor teams, network with fellow Cosmonauts – as community members refer to one another – or visit the oasis of the Neutron Attackers Lounge for an opportunity to code, chat and chill.

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Cosmos and its Inter- Blockchain Tech Communication (IBC) protocol solves what was previously a key challenge for builders in Web 3.0 – the must select a blockchain tech, like Ethereum (ETH), Avalanche (AVAX), Solana (SOL) or Aptos, to build their applications upon. Projects benefit if that chain’s adoption grows, because a vibrant app  ecological system means more users, and better user journeys. With Cosmos / IBC technology, builders now launch applications that are operational across chains from Day 1, and can focus only on developing great products and businesses.

The conference will showcase the ecosystem’s leading projects and startups, technical roadmap developments, financing trends, and offer a window on adjacent technologies, like privacy and growing solutions, with the  capacity to advance today’s most exciting blockchain tech use cases.

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“ Although while other technologies of   blockchain tech that were once the darlings of builders, users, and investors have struggled in this more bearish environment, Cosmos is uniquely on the boost. It has attracted more developers than almost any other blockchain tech ecological system – a testament to the now-clear advantages of “app-chains,” and the limitations of public blockchains teck. Cosmos has resurfaced as a main rival to Ethereum (ETH) to house future of the (DeFi) (DeFi),” stated Samantha Bohbot of RockawayX, the worldwide deal financial resources company and an organizer of the conference.

Speakers will include leaders of prominent projects that use Cosmos and Inter- Blockchain Tech Communication (IBC) technology, including Osmosis Co- Founder Sunny Aggarwal, Sommelier Co- Founder Zaki Manian, Agoric Co- Founder Dean Tribble, and Juno Co- Founder Jake Hartwell, just to name several . Others, like Node Capital’s Amos Meiri, The Block’s Frank Chapparro, and Binance’s Kiril Khomiakov will offer fresh perspectives from outside Cosmos’ borders.

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Gateway to Cosmos 2023 builds on the success of last year’s Rockaway-hosted inaugural conference, a buzzy, packed event that drew 300+ attendees and was rated a success by guests and speakers alike.

Day One, Launching The Rocket into Cosmos, will feature the best use cases already in production likewise as those hitting the launchpad in the near future. Keynote addresses will come from key representatives of Cosmos, Interchain, Informal, Agoric, Celestia, Sommelier, and NYM, between others.

Day 2 will focus on steering the Cosmos rocket in the right direction. Speakers will lift the hood and offer deep insight into topics such as governance, interoperability, and decentralization at large.

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Day 3 will be all about welcoming new Cosmonauts on board–milestones ahead for leading projects and what’s required to develop and scale the following generation of “killer decentralized applications.”

The event’s partners span the top corporations using Cosmos and IBC technology today and leaders across the digital investment space, including Halborn, Flow Traders, Fraction, SubQuery, and more.

About Cosmos

Cosmos Hub is the gateway to a rapidly expanding ecological system of independent interconnected blockchains teck built using developer-friendly app  components and connected with ground-breaking IBC (Inter- Blockchain Tech Communication) protocol.

About RockawayX

RockawayX has been investing in early-stage cryptocurrency corporations and crypto token projects since 2017. Along with running VC strategies and a credit fund, the company operates enterprises that provide critical services to the digital investment space. Its infrastructure arm runs nodes on leading decentralized networks, and it operates a cryptocurrency security business that offers smart contract audits and code diligence services to cryptocurrency protocols. Rockaway’s Web 3.0 deal studio incubates and spins out products that address gaps in Web 3.0 infrastructure and its commercial ecosystem.

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