Exciting Tezos (XTZ) Gaming Community Grows with New Partnerships 🚀🎮

Exciting Tezos (XTZ) Gaming Community Grows with New Partnerships 🚀🎮

Tezos Gaming Community Update: New Games, Partnerships, and Events

Discover the latest highlights from the Tezos gaming community in May, including new game launches, strategic partnerships, and community-driven events.

MetaPals NFT Mint Event

Explore the NFT mint event by MetaPals, where they launched a collection of 20,000 Teletubbies NFTs on the Tezos blockchain.

  • MetaPals, known for its AI digital companions, ventured into the Tezos ecosystem with this launch.
  • The collection features beloved characters from the children’s series Teletubbies.

GameFi Hub Integration

Learn about GameFi’s integration of services with the Tezos blockchain, including the GameFi Hub, Launchpad, Marketplace, and Guild Hub.

  • This integration allows Tezos-based projects to leverage GameFi for various initiatives like IDO or TGE Web3 games.
  • Enhancing network integration and ecosystem collaboration with GameFi’s suite of services.

OpenPad and Etherlink Collaboration

Discover the partnership between OpenPad and Etherlink, aimed at launching game tokens like Battlerise, Star Symphony, and Sugar Gaming on the Tezos blockchain.

Doujin Market 2024

Get insights into the Doujin Market 2024, Singapore’s largest pop-culture art convention, featuring five games built on Tezos.

  • Games showcased at the event included MetaPals, StarSymphony, BattleTabs, Cricket Stars, and BattleRise.
  • Attendees had the opportunity to join whitelists for these games.

Starbase and TZ APAC Partnership

Discover the partnership between Starbase and TZ APAC to advance Web3 gaming on Tezos, focusing on discovering and launching high-quality GameFi and AI projects.

Tezos Gaming Megaspace Launch

Explore the launch of the Tezos Gaming Megaspace on Twitter in May, hosted by Tezos community members ProAboveMe and Jeremy Foo, with insights from representatives of Sugarverse, MetaPals, and BattleRise Kingdom.

Insights from the Ecosystem

Delve into insights shared by Jeremy Foo on the resurgence of blockchain gaming’s reputation on Blockcast, providing tips on notable games to explore.


Whether you’re a developer, gamer, or blockchain enthusiast, stay informed about the latest developments in the Tezos gaming ecosystem with the Tezos Gaming Monthly updates.

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Keep an eye on the Tezos gaming ecosystem for upcoming game launches, partnerships, and community events that promise to enrich your gaming experience.

Exciting Tezos (XTZ) Gaming Community Grows with New Partnerships 🚀🎮
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