Experience improved DL and HPC performance with NVIDIA’s new Grouped GEMM APIs in cuBLAS 12.5! 🔥🚀

Experience improved DL and HPC performance with NVIDIA's new Grouped GEMM APIs in cuBLAS 12.5! 🔥🚀

Enhancing DL and HPC Performance with NVIDIA’s cuBLAS 12.5

Discover the latest updates in NVIDIA’s cuBLAS library version 12.5, designed to improve the functionality and performance of deep learning (DL) and high-performance computing (HPC) workloads. Dive into the key enhancements that aim to elevate your computing capabilities.

Grouped GEMM APIs for Enhanced Performance

Explore the advantages of the newly introduced Grouped GEMM APIs, which streamline batched APIs to accelerate matrix sizes, transpositions, and scaling factors. Witness the 1.2x speedup in specific scenarios, such as MoE model generation, with batch sizes of 8 and 64 and FP16 inputs and outputs.

  • Introducing cublasgemmGroupedBatched for FP32 and FP64 precisions.
  • Discover cublasGemmGroupedBatchedEx for FP16, BF16, FP32, and FP64 precisions.

Performance Boost on NVIDIA H100, H200, and L40S GPUs

Experience significant speed enhancements for Llama 2 70B and GPT3 training phases on NVIDIA H100, H200, and L40S GPUs. Witness the H200 GPU’s remarkable 3x and 5x speed boosts compared to the A100 for Llama 2 70B and GPT3 training phases, respectively.

Optimizing Library Performance and Benchmarking

Uncover the improvements in runtime performance heuristics and performance tuning APIs within the cuBLAS library. Benefit from the recommender system that dynamically selects the fastest configuration for user-requested matmuls, backed by real-time data insights and configurations.

  • Utilize cuBLASLtMatmulAlgoGetHeuristic API for performance tuning.
  • Explore auto-tuning examples in cuBLAS on the NVIDIA/CUDALibrarySamples repository.

Enhancements in cuBLASLt for Superior Functionality

Since cuBLAS 12.0, witness numerous upgrades like fused epilogue support parity between BF16 and FP16 precisions, additional fused epilogues on NVIDIA Hopper and Ada, and performance enhancements across Ada GPUs. Enjoy improved performance and flexibility in cuBLAS.

  • Gain insights from the cuBLAS documentation and samples for comprehensive information.

Hot Take: Elevate Your Computing Experience with NVIDIA’s cuBLAS 12.5

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Are you ready to take your DL and HPC workloads to the next level? Dive into the latest advancements brought by NVIDIA’s cuBLAS 12.5, offering improved functionality, heightened performance, and simplified APIs to enhance your computing journey. Stay ahead of the curve with NVIDIA’s cutting-edge technologies and experience a seamless transition into high-performance computing.

Experience improved DL and HPC performance with NVIDIA's new Grouped GEMM APIs in cuBLAS 12.5! 🔥🚀
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