FTX Token Price Forecast: FTT Drops 8%, But Another Coin Poised for Potential 10X Growth

FTX Token Price Forecast: FTT Drops 8%, But Another Coin Poised for Potential 10X Growth

The FTX Token Price Dips

FTX Token is as of now currently worth $2.07 after a more than an 8% fall in the previous day. This decline led to a total 11% decrease in the token’s price in the previous week.

FTX Token Price Forms Breakout Pattern

Observers believe that FTX Token price could be on the verge of a breakout based on its trading pattern. If the digital currency manages to close over the triangle chart pattern, it may signify a positive development and trigger an injection of financial resources into the altcoin. Traders are watching the $5.6040 resistance level closely, with the  capacity for it to turn  into support and for the FTX Token to climb towards $21.

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FTX Token Price: Steep Fall Likely

FTX Token’s technical indicators are as of now favoring a more bearish scenario. The Moving Average Intersection DIvergence (MACD) and the Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicators suggest a probable continued decline within the next 24-48 hours. This may lead the altcoin to retest the immediate level of support at $2.6815 or fall to $1.4585 in the short term.

More Than $900K Raised

The project BTCETF_Token is gaining momentum in its presale fundraising, having raised over $950K out of its target of over $1.3 Million. It is the first project linked to the prospect of spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETFs in the United States. The native digital currency, BTCETF, can be purchased on the project’s website for just $0.0054.

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Scheduled Token Burns Will Make BTCETF More Scarce And More Valuable

By burning 25% of the total token supply over time, Bitcoin (BTC) ETF Token intends to increase the value of BTCETF. The scarcity created by the burning, combined with expectations of the impact of spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETFs, could potentially lead to a surge in BTCETF’s price following the approval of the first spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETF.

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Hot Take: The Future of BTCETF Looks Promising

Although while FTX Token remains bearish, BTCETF is moving in the opposite direction with a chance for growth and returns for early-stage investors. The project has raised whole lot of funds, and its unique approach to value could see it thrive in the future financial market.

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