HEX Price Prediction: Founder Richard Heart’s Project Crashes, Tumbling 6% – Presale Approaching $5 Million Milestone

HEX Price Prediction: Founder Richard Heart's Project Crashes, Tumbling 6% - Presale Approaching $5 Million Milestone

**Hex Price Update: $0.00626 with 6% Drop**

The Hex price has seen a whole lot of 6% fall in the previous day, sitting at $0.00626 as of 4:40 a.m. EST. This substantial movement came alongside a 68% increase in volume of trading, reaching $1.1 Million. This latest downturn is linked to Richard Heart’s controversial states to revive the declining projects PulseChain, PulseX, and HEX.

**Hex Price Recovery and Technical Analysis**

Regardless of the ongoing conflict, Hex has started to recuperate, aiming to recover the 35% that was recently lost. Unfortunately, a supply barrier in the range of $0.0109 to $0.01215 has stopped this recovery in its tracks. The refusal to exceed this barrier has led to a double-top pattern, signaling a probable shift in the trend downward.

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** Probable of Bulls Regaining Control**

Despite the fact that the bears have capitalized on the supply zone to drive down the price, the bulls are persistent in attempting to recoup their losses. Should the price surpass the $0.01277 threshold, this could signify an upward trend, possibly leading to a positive trend breaker and an increase in HEX levels.

** Probable for yPredict Presale and Venture**

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In the midst of the turbulent market, yPredict is quickly approaching its $5 Million target in the presale, which intends to combine A.I. and cryptocurrency for smarter investment choices. The presale has raised $4.8 Million already and is now offering tokens at a discounted rate. This price will increase upon listing on major exchanges, offering investors a substantial gain.

**Innovative WriteMingle Tool and Staking Opportunity**

Along with this, yPredict is now offering WriteMingle, a content platform geared towards content teams as a competitor to established brands. Furthermore, investors can stake their tokens and receive up to 45% in quarterly staking bonus while enjoying a 10% return on investment.

**Hot Take: Can yPredict Disrupt the Market?**

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With stable growth and innovative products, yPredict could prove to be a disruptive force within the cryptocurrency sector. The continued success of the presale, the creation of the WriteMingle tool, and the staking opportunities offered to investors all point to yPredict’s promising future in the market. Keep an eye on the developments of this innovative project.

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