Jump Crypto uncovers code vulnerability in Celer Network and sparks urgent patching

Jump Crypto uncovers code vulnerability in Celer Network and sparks urgent patching

Celer, a cross-chain interoperability protocol, patches a vulnerability in its State Guardian Network (SGN) that could have potentially allowed a malicious validator node to alter the state of the network, but no funds were lost and a bug bounty grant will be proposed to Jump Crypto as a result of the discovery.

Celer, a cross-chain interoperability protocol, stated Wednesday that it patched a vulnerability 1st disclosed by Jump’s cryptocurrency arm. 

In blog posts published by Celer and Jump Crypto, the disclosure detailed a vulnerability in Celer’s State Guardian Network (SGN), a proof-of-stake blockchain tech that Celer utilizes for securely authorizing transactions betwixt different networks. If executed, the vulnerability could have allowed a malicious validator node to submit enough fraudulent “votes” about the state of the network to alter it potentially.

Celer stressed that no funds were lost owing to the bug’s existence. “The vulnerability was not publicly accessible, and no funds were at immediate danger at the time of discovery,” the team wrote.

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Celer stated that it would propose financing a bug bounty provides to Jump Cryptocurrency because of  the discovery.

” Nevertheless the discovery is not covered by the existing bug bounty programs, we intend to raise a community proposition to provides the Jump Cryptocurrency team a retrospective bounty reward once we include the SGN codebase in the bug bounty programs in the months ahead. Onward and forward,” the team wrote in its blog post. 

Vulnerabilities are common in the Decentralized Finance world, as perhaps befits an ecological system of experimental projects and protocols. And, as well, are the inherent dangers; last weekend, a malicious attack resulted in the takeover of Tornado Cash’s governance DAO. 

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Reports by The Block Research, some $2.73 Billion has been stolen from Decentralized Finance projects by malicious hackers.


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