Luban Hardfork: Essential Guide to BNB Chain Upgrade

Luban Hardfork: Essential Guide to BNB Chain Upgrade

The Binance Smart Chain will undergo a hard fork in June, introducing three evolution proposals to the network, including a fast finality mechanism and new ways to manage Relayer Manager public keys.

The “Build ‘N’ Build” Chain, previously known as the Binance Crypto exchange Smart Chain (BSC) will be going through a hard fork in June. The network upgrade is was known Luban and will introduce 3 evolution proposals.

Let’s dive in.

  • The BSC Luban upgrade is scheduled to take place on June 11th, provided regular network activity. It is a hard fork and will introduce the implementation of 3 evolution proposals (BEPs). Namely, these are BEP-126, BEP-174, and BEP-221.
  • According to the official GitHub repo update, this is what the upgrades will deliver.
  • BEP-126 (in its 1st part) is aimed at introducing a “fast finality mechanism.” In essence, this is a step that intends to finalize a block and once the block has been finalized, it won’t be be reverted forever. The 7-step process is thoroughly stated here.
  • BEP-174 is titled Cross Chain Relayer Management. The proposition introduces a brand new governance proposition type that’s designed to manage the set of whitelisted relayers. In more non-technical language, it’s aimed at introducing a new way to manage Relayer Manager public keys that will be stored in the genesis contract on the BSC. Relayer Managers will be able to manage their individual relayer public keys.
  • The last one is the CometBFT Light Block Validation proposition (BEP-221) and it proposes a system that would add a new contract to the networks that make use of the technology.
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