Memecoin Primed for ‘Up Only’ Surge! 🚀 Analyst Updates Solana, Celestia, + One Altcoin 📈

Memecoin Primed for 'Up Only' Surge! 🚀 Analyst Updates Solana, Celestia, + One Altcoin 📈

Crypto Strategist Predicts Bullish Action for Memecoin and Altcoins

A well-known crypto analyst believes that a memecoin is on the verge of experiencing primarily positive price movements. Inmortal, a pseudonymous trader, recently shared his insights with his sizable social media following, suggesting that Floki (FLOKI) and other altcoins are gearing up for significant price shifts.

Positive Forecast for Floki (FLOKI)

  • Inmortal’s analysis indicates that Floki is showing signs of bullish momentum, with the meme token recovering from a key support level at around $0.00015.
  • The chart shared by Inmortal suggests that Floki could surpass the $0.0002 mark, indicating potential upside in the near future.

Outlook on Solana (SOL)

  • According to Inmortal, Solana (SOL) is expected to consolidate in the coming month before potentially dropping below $100 by late May.
  • However, the analyst believes that this dip will be short-lived, with SOL likely to rally back towards the $200 mark in the near term.

Celestia (TIA) and Beam (BEAM) Analysis

  • Inmortal also shared insights on Celestia (TIA), predicting a recovery to $17 after finding support at $11 once the market conditions turn bullish.
  • For Beam (BEAM), the analyst anticipates a retest of support at $0.027 followed by a surge above $0.032, signaling a potential buying opportunity.

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