New Solar-Powered Bitcoin (BTC) Miner Launches Operations Regardless Difficult Market

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New Solar-Powered Bitcoin Miner Launches Operations Despite Difficult Market

Aspen Creek Digital will likewise host miners from Galaxy Digital at its new data center in western Colorado.

Regardless the current bear market for cryptocurrency, a new Bitcoin (BTC) miner has started mining at a 6 megawatts (MW) solar-powered in western Colorado.

Aspen Creek Digital Corporation (ACDC) was launched in January of this year and its mining operation is co-located at a solar farm that has a capacity of 10MW. The goal of the company is to start with mining Bitcoin (BTC) at its data center and eventually  computing services to other businesses, as reported by a statement shared with CoinDesk.

The Colorado data center will S19 Bitcoin (BTC) mining machines and will be co-located with a 75,000-square-foot R&D and fulfillment facility. The facility will serve as a centralized testing, maintenance, storage and training hub for ACDC’s future computing .

The miner is entering the industry at a time when the existing miners are finding it difficult to remain profitable with the decline in cryptocurrency prices, hashrates near highs, a tightening financial resources market, higher power costs and chain issues.

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Nonetheless, ACDC stated it was able to raise enough cash ahead of time to secure the required switch gears and transformers for 240MW of capacity, as reported by CEO Alexandra DaCosta. “We to make sure that we had the appropriate infrastructure onhand, to build out our 1st phase. So for our projects, now we essentially have greater than enough,” she reported CoinDesk.

‘Power first’

Crypto-focused financial services firm Galaxy Digital (GLXY) was impressed enough by the miner’s team and “power first” approach that it allocated some of Galaxy’s own miners to be at ACDC’s Colorado site.

“The best time to build is a bear market and people shouldn’t be afraid of the market conditions, they just have to make sure that they’re doing it appropriately and effectively,” Amanda Fabiano, Head of Mining at Galaxy reported CoinDesk.

Fabiano stated that she has seen several miners try to raise money 1st and then try to find operation sites and power sources. Nonetheless, ACDC did the opposite by figuring out the power and infrastructure first. “She [DaCosta] took the challenge of mining and spun it on its head and looked at it from a different perspective, which is really special,” Fabiano added.

Aside from the Colorado data center, ACDC is likewise developing Bitcoin (BTC) mining sites across Texas. Its second facility, which is on track to be operational this summer, is a 30MW data center capable of hosting 10,000 ASIC miners co-located behind-the-meter with an 87MW solar farm. And a third project is a 150MW data center, likewise co-located behind-the-meter, with a 200MW solar farm.

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Despite the fact that the miner’s will be powered by solar , they will still be connected to the grid to have the option to provide power back to the grid. When asked about the Electric Reliability Council of Texas’s (ERCOT) latest requirement for new large scale miners to seek permission before connecting to the grid, DaCosta stated that her company had already successfully completed the procedural requirements for its second site, and is doing the appropriate work for the third site.

ACDC stated it was able to figure out the power sources with the help of its who have in building renewable energy power infrastructure. The renewable power developers are likewise part of the miner’s founding group and equity investors in the company.

The move to use solar as a power source comes as more miners are looking to use renewable sources of energy for their operations as lawmakers around the globe scrutinize miners’ energy consumption. Most recently, Adam Back’s Blockstream and Jack Dorsey’s Block (SQ) stated that they are building a pilot cryptocurrency mine in Texas that will be powered by a Tesla (TSLA) solar installation and batteries.

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