OKX Ventures backs Codatta’s decentralized data protocol 👏🚀

OKX Ventures backs Codatta's decentralized data protocol 👏🚀

Investing in the Future of Data with Codatta Protocol 🌐

Are you interested in decentralized data protocols that are revolutionizing the way developers and protocols interact with data? If yes, then you will be excited to learn about OKX Ventures’ latest investment in Codatta, the pioneering decentralized data protocol. Let’s dive into the details of this groundbreaking project and how it is shaping the future of data infrastructure in the Web3 space.

Overview of Codatta Protocol

📊 Codatta is on a mission to create a robust data infrastructure with advanced mechanisms that ensure scientific confidence levels. This protocol enables Web3 users to monetize their data while maintaining their privacy. By leveraging AI-verified evidence, multi-party cross-referencing, and staking-as-confidence mechanisms, Codatta has built a strong network of data contributors that enhance data confidence.

  • Codatta aims to create a reliable data infrastructure for developers and protocols
  • Allows Web3 users to earn from their data while preserving privacy
  • Utilizes AI-verified evidence and staking mechanisms for data confidence

Statements from OKX Ventures

🚀 Dora Yue, the Founder of OKX Ventures, expressed her excitement about leading the seed investment in Codatta. She highlighted the innovative AI technology used by Codatta in blockchain metadata collaboration, enabling complex analysis and trend identification in DeFi projects. With millions of address annotations and a vast network of contributors, Codatta is set to become a go-to platform for developers seeking reliable data.

  • OKX Ventures is thrilled to lead the seed investment in Codatta
  • Codatta uses AI technology for blockchain metadata collaboration
  • Codatta has attracted millions of address annotations since its Beta launch

About OKX Ventures

💡 OKX Ventures, the investment arm of OKX, the second-largest crypto exchange, focuses on exploring innovative blockchain projects globally. With an initial commitment of USD 100 million, OKX Ventures aims to support blockchain technology innovation and foster the healthy growth of the global blockchain industry. By investing in long-term value projects and backing visionary entrepreneurs, OKX Ventures is paving the way for the future of blockchain technology.

  • OKX Ventures supports innovative blockchain projects globally
  • Commitment to long-term value and healthy growth of the blockchain industry
  • Invests in projects that contribute to the innovation of blockchain technology

Hot Take: Embracing the Future of Decentralized Data 🚀

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🔮 The investment in Codatta by OKX Ventures marks a significant milestone in the evolution of decentralized data protocols. With a focus on data privacy, reliability, and innovative technologies, Codatta is poised to revolutionize the way developers interact with data in the Web3 space. As the demand for secure and transparent data solutions continues to grow, Codatta is well-positioned to lead the future of decentralized data infrastructure.

OKX Ventures backs Codatta's decentralized data protocol 👏🚀
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