OpenAI Considers European Exit Due to Regulations: Reuters

OpenAI Considers European Exit Due to Regulations: Reuters

OpenAI may pull out of Europe due to pending EU AI regulations, including a rule in the AI Act that would require companies to disclose copyrighted materials used in developing generative AI tools, according to CEO Sam Altman.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman intimated that the company behind ChatGPT can potentially pull out of Europe if the company cannot comply with pending European Union Artificial Intelligence (AI) regulations, Reuters reports.

“There’s so much they could do, like changing the definition of general-purpose Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems,” Altman stated. “There’s many of things that may be done.”

The key issue, Altman reveals, is a rule in the EU Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act that would require corporations to disclose copyrighted materials used in developing generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools.

Past week, Apple joined other corporations in prohibiting employees from using ChatGPT and other third party Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for their work over concerns that doing so would leak confidential company data that would then be stored on third party servers.

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” The present draft of the EU Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act would be over-regulating, but we have heard it’s going to get pulled back,” Altman informed Reuters.

Reports by the Future of Life Institute, which announced a report analyzing the EU Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act, general purpose Artificial Intelligence (AI) is defined as Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems with a wide range of possible uses—both intended and unintended by the developers.

In December, EU member states approved a version of the Artificial Intelligence Regulation Act.

The previous  30 days, a group of policymakers in the European Parliament was known on United States President Joe Biden and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen to convene a worldwide summit to create a set of governing principles for the development, control, and deployment of artificial intelligence.

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Since its public launch in November, the rapid boost of OpenAI’s ChatGPT has shocked world leaders, with plenty of countries opening investigations into OpenAI’s practices or issuing bans on ChatGPT.

After Italy banned ChatGPT, citing privacy concerns, OpenAI instituted plenty of updates, including allowing users to delete their history.

Within a panel discussion at the University College London on Wednesday, Altman stated OpenAI would try to comply with the regulations before deciding to close operations in Europe.

“Either we’ll be able to solve those requirements or not,” Altman stated. “If we can comply, we will, and if we can’t, we’ll cease operating.”


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