Buy Games And Pay Online Subscriptions In Cryptocurrency With Swapin Services

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Buy Games And Pay Online Subscriptions In Cryptocurrency With Swapin Services

Gamers and cryptocurrency go hand and hand, but it hasn’t always been so simple to buy games with cryptocurrency. Coins have been in heavy use around the game industry since arcades began accepting crypto tokens. Much like physical money is slowly being phased out from the by forcing users to top up value cards versus popping in more coins, cryptocurrency is displacing the traditional finance industry. 

The hasn’t entirely been made in the middle of cryptocurrency and the gaming industry, with most game publishers and console manufacturers without an easy way to accept cryptocurrency from users. Thankfully, Swapin crypto-to-fiat payment solutions are allowing gamers to buy games and pay for online right now using cryptocurrency assets that are instantly converted to fiat currencies and sent to the recipient’s account. 

How Gamers Can Power Up The Cryptocurrency Industry

The gaming audience and the digital currency market have several synergies, making gamers an early investor class in cryptocurrency and a key to unlocking adoption. Since the early days of the Super Mario Bros., gamers have been doing their best to collect as several coins as possible.

As the gaming industry grew, and so did the digital form of media, collecting coins soon turned into digital economies where users transacted with in-game currencies like gold in World of Warcraft. In the future, downloadable content could be offered as NFTs, which could be sold second-hand via cryptocurrency-based marketplaces.

The evolution of these two industries is unfolding right before our eyes. Meanwhile,  gamers can instantly utilize their digital currencies with Swapin technology, allowing them to buy their favorite games online or pay for online subscription fees required by most gaming consoles and networks.

Why Gamers Should Press Start On Swapin Services

Swapin B2C solutions like InstaPay allow cryptocurrency to pay anyone in the world with digital currencies, yet the recipient gets GBP or EUR to a connected bank account. InstaPay makes it possible to buy games with cryptocurrency in only several  clicks. 

InstaPay likewise enables recurring monthly payments via a simple to set-up predefined payment template so that cryptocurrency holders and gamers can pay for monthly online subscriptions like the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, and other major subscription .

Gamers can likewise contact their favorite and request that they begin accepting digital currencies through one of Swapin’s tools. For example, CoinCollector accepts digital currencies through a prefilled payment link, while the E-Com widget allows any business to accept cryptocurrency through an e-commerce checkout process designed by Swapin.

Get Extra Life From Your Cryptocurrency With Swapin Solutions

In each case, although the business is sent digital currencies, Swapin’s crypto-to-fiat payment technology instantly converts all cryptocurrency assets to fiat without all the fuss. Exchange prices are locked for 30 minutes during the transaction, so there is no danger of price volatility, causing the number of funds to differ when it reaches its destination. 

Swapin services are EU-regulated and trusted by from all across and businesses like RE/MAX and E-Jewels. The recently raised greater than €1.88M across early financing rounds, attracting talent from key industries like cryptocurrency, finance, and fintech development.

Instant crypto-to-fiat payments from Swapin are changing the game once once more. If you want to power up the way you buy games with cryptocurrency or give extra life to your monthly online subscription purchases, check out the Swapin application today.

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