Revolutionary AI-driven Trading Platform Raises $1.7 Million in Presale: Get a Competitive Edge with yPredict

Revolutionary AI-driven Trading Platform Raises $1.7 Million in Presale: Get a Competitive Edge with yPredict

yPredict raises $1.7 million in presale phase to offer an AI-driven ecosystem for traders, quants, analysts, and developers, aiming to revolutionize research and analysis for bitcoin investors with cutting-edge prediction models and a comprehensive all-in-one decentralized platform.

an AI-driven ecological system for traders, quants, analysts, and developers, has raised $1.7 Million through its successful presale phase. By offering a wide range of useful tools and features, yPredict intends to change the research and analysis method for Bitcoin (BTC) investors.

yPredict will Provide Market Players an Unrivaled Advantage

Plenty of of the most trending digital currencies offer solutions to complications in the physical world. Meme Coin currencies have a tendency to boost in value quickly, but they are less resilient than cryptocurrencies that solve complications. With this in mind, has the  capacity for longstanding growth owing to its strategy for improving the trading indicates sector.

By building a comprehensive all-in-one ecological system that serves traders, developers, quants, and analysts, yPredict aspires to become the leader in AI-driven cryptocurrency analytics. Individuals can use yPredict to access cutting-edge prediction models that provide them a competitive advantage.

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The yPredict platform is entirely decentralized and a part of the Ethereum (ETH) ecological system because it is according to the Polygon network. Automatic chart pattern identification, powerful technical indicators, AI-powered price predictions, trader sentiment analysis, and more will be available in yPredict’s ecosystem.

Even the staking protocol will be developed by yPredict, allowing YPRED holders to stake their crypto tokens for ongoing tokenized bonus. They will get a portion of the transaction charges that the market produces by staking their YPRED tokens.

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Reports by the yPredict website, these advantages can result in quarterly returns as high as 45%. The 45 percent quarterly returns represent a whole lot of improvement over the sector’s average annual return of 5–10%. Guide on how to buy YPRED crypto token here.

The staking returns will result in less sell pressure because they are derived from marketplace charges rather than crypto token emissions, and they will be used to create an ecological system that is more longstanding sustainable.

Find the full yPredict Artificial Intelligence (AI) cryptocurrency presale update in the video over, follow his YouTube channel for more crypto-related content. Jacob cryptocurrency Bury likewise runs a with nearly 13,000 members, where users get trading tips and learn about the following cryptocurrency presales.


YPRED Successful Presale

The breakthrough AI-powered trading platform from is according to the YPRED cryptocurrency crypto token, which has minimal gas prices and quick transactions because it is created on the Polygon blockchain tech. New users will have to pay a monthly subscription charge valued in YPRED to be able to use yPredict’s premium features.

10 percent of these charges will be given to current YPRED crypto token owners. Because they would receive a passive income stream, this will motivate YPRED holders to hold, easing market pressure to sell. yPredict is now a presale crypto token, supplying users with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to engage in a project at a reduced cost. See our guide to the best Artificial Intelligence (AI) cryptocurrency coins to buy here.

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During the public presale, 80 Million of the 100 Million total crypto tokens will be made accessible. A staggering $1.7 Million has already been raised during the stage 6 presale. YPRED crypto tokens are available for buy by investors for $0.09. Owners of YPRED have free access to the yPredict Analytics base model.

The software was developed by a group of knowledgeable quants and data scientists, and reports by them, it outperforms all publicly accessible market prediction models. Investors should act swiftly to obtain YPRED crypto tokens while they are still being provided at a discount. Take part in the YPRED presale at


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