Revolutionary Beta v2 dApp Launch by Hector Network!

Revolutionary Beta v2 dApp Launch by Hector Network!

Discover Hector Network’s integrated dashboard, providing an easy-to-read summary of critical metrics representing the state of the Hector Network at any moment, along with the new features available in Hector’s dApp v2.

1 thing happens to all of us when we start using decentralized applications (dApps) of any chain. After a while that is. We end up looking for websites where we can see the TVL, the amount of 24-hour volume of trading, and the total/market supply of the crypto tokens we are going to use, between other important numbers.

Well, these indicators are the barometer of how a whole dApp ecological system is doing and often end up encouraging us to interact with it. Nonetheless, they are websites that must be managed separately as they are different corporations. This implies that sometimes the data is not accurate and is more challenging to manage. Well, Hector Network decided to develop an integrated dashboard internally from their own team. In this post, we’ll have a look at it.

What is Hector Network’s Dashboard?

This Dashboard is a platform that provides an easy-to-read summary of a number of critical metrics that represent the state of the Hector Network at any moment. The Overview and Treasury sections are the dashboard’s two main sections. It’s in beta now, so find any bug using it, you can report it.

To use it, you have to log in with a compatible wallet (Metamask, Coinbase Crypto exchange,, OKX, or Wallet Connect). Any QR code-enabled Wallet Connect wallet is compatible.

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In the overview section, users will find these metrics:

  • Total Valued Locked (TVL): The TVL locked in the Hector Network and the weekly change
  • Total Trade Volume: On a weekly, monthly, and annual basis
  • Market Capitalization to TVL Ratio: This indicator ranges from 0 to 1 most of the time. And once of writing this post, it is 0.71.
  • Supply Distribution: Depending on the crypto token you are holding, what % you have in pools, liquidity, staked, or another important status.
  • Protocol Metrics: This section shows the market capitalization, number of burned crypto tokens, and POL (Total value of the liquidity that Hector Network owns in the form of LP tokens).
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Hector’s dApp V2 Features

And once you log in with your wallet, at the lowest right of your screen you will  find a section of options (wheel symbol). Once there, you will  see these features:

  • Swap: This section enables users to swap crypto tokens with a limit order on the top 7 networks. New networks will come as they gain popularity. A dedicated Limit Order section allows you to easily configure, place and monitor your limit orders. Similarly, you can mint Hector’s crypto stablecoin, TOR, by giving DAI to the treasury and redeeming your TOR to get DAI.

  • Bridge: Users can bridge crypto tokens from chains like Ethereum (ETH), Polygon, BSC, Fantom, OKX Chain, Avalanche (AVAX), Arbitrum, Moonriver, and Moonbeam, and 7 other chains. Do not forget to establish your wallet in the same chains to see crypto tokens in your wallet.
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hector bridge

And now the Hector Network Bridge is integrating Squid routes for quicker, cheaper bridging across networks. The notice just came out today on Twitter.

Revolutionary Beta v2 dApp Launch by Hector Network!

  • Earn: This section has these features:
    • Emission plan: This strategy generates longstanding supply expansion for the HEC crypto token. And once of writing this post, it has 3 farms and the highest Boost APR is 121.6%.
    • Lock Farm Voting: You can earn a portion of your pool’s transaction charges and emission awards for governance voting in Hector Network.
    • Fantom Farms: At this time there are 3 pools, and the highest APR is 14.3%.

hector network farming

    • Lockless Staking: This section lets you stake your HEC crypto tokens and get a 4 percent APY.
    • Bonding Farm: You can buy HEC, or other reward Fantom crypto tokens, at a reduced price. The longer you choose to time-lock your new HEC or other crypto tokens, the greater the savings.
  • Multipay: A multi-payment service that allows payments for projects. For example: paying recurring charges (salaries or services) or an easy way to construct numerous payments even for occasional or one-time payments. This system can likewise work for custodial or non-custodial payments. There is a trial per wallet (Maximum of two free addresses per month). Burning HEC as a utility enables the tiered version.
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hector network pay

  • TaxReport: A utility tool that makes it simple to generate a tax report, via a standard CSV file, for a given time period. The free trial only extracts the past 3 months of the report;

Hector Network taxreport

  • Notifications: This section enables users to have the latest news from all their assets inside the platform like events, voting, farms, and staking, between others.

hector network notifications

These upgrades help give platform users exactly what they must. Access to more, better information whenever they want it. If you want to know more about Hector Network, you can access its whitepaper or Certik’s audit documents.

If you want to try the dApp v2 and these great new features, it’s right there at the Hector Network beta test.


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