Revolutionary Modular L3 Nautilus Chain Launches on Mainnet, Ushering in the Future of DeFi and Continuous Payments

Revolutionary Modular L3 Nautilus Chain Launches on Mainnet, Ushering in the Future of DeFi and Continuous Payments

Nautilus Chain, a high-performance modular blockchain, graduates from testnet and launches on mainnet, offering the fastest EVM environment in web3 with parallel transaction processing and the stability and functionality of EVM-based Solidity smart contracts, paving the way for the next generation of DeFi and consumer applications.

New York, United States, May 24th, 2023, Chainwire

Following months of battle-testing by partner projects, developers, and community, production-ready Nautilus Chain graduates from testnet.

Zebec, a pioneer in streaming finance, announced today the launch of Nautilus Chain – soon to be Zebec Chain – on mainnet, an important milestone in building its continuous payments infrastructure and worldwide ecological system. The 1st of its kind as an L3, Nautilus Chain offers the fastest EVM environment in Web 3.0 capable of parallel transaction processing, combining the speeds of Solana (SOL) with the stability and functionality of EVM-based Solidity smart contracts, paving the way to the following generation of Decentralized Finance and consumer applications with a continuous stream of transactions or payments.

Nautilus Chain’s settlement layer is as of now built on Solana (SOL) node, its execution layer on Neon EVM and Solidity smart contract, with data availability hash stored off-chain to be able to keep Nautilus’ modular blockchain tech architecture. With intends to transition settlement layer to optimistic roll-up and data availability stored on layer 1 chains such as Etherium, BSC or Bitcoin (BTC) to further maximize throughput while remaining stable and reliable to facilitate high-throughput payment applications such as payroll, Decentralized Finance applications, and on-chain gaming.

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The mainnet upgrade brings over 80 projects, such as Coral Finance, Witnet, and PoseiSwap to name several , with dozens more in the procedure of onboarding and a track record of seamlessly processing over 40 Million transactions on testnet to date.

“Zebec is helping to create a future where money is able to move more freely; giving individuals, enterprises, investors, and teams quicker and easier access to funds and tokens,” stated Sam Thapaliya, Founder of Zebec. “The launch of Nautilus on mainnet is another breakthrough on the path towards this vision.”

Key features of the Nautilus Chain

High Throughput

Through parallelizing transactions instead of processing them linearly, Nautilus delivers an initial TPS of 2,000 with far greater prices soon to come.

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Solidity developers are able to build high-throughput applications in an EVM environment. Although while the chain’s modular structure supports customization and gives developers control of the tech stack — or chain stack — in building dApps. The chain is highly interoperable and extensible and, with app-specific rollups, enables projects to strike the perfect balance betwixt decentralization, throughput, performance, cost, and efficiency.


The high speeds and performance of the Nautilus chain, because it is a sovereign rollup, do not compromise the overall reliability and security of the infrastructure. Its robust design ensures optimal uptime and resilience, even under the most demanding conditions.

Built for the real world

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With its core innovation in performance and security, Zebec’s technology has transformative probable in the world of traditional finance, blockchain tech adoption and smart contract-based digital financial applications.

“Zebec’s progress with Nautilus Chain development has the  capacity to bridge the gap betwixt traditional finance and web2 payroll applications and the emerging Web 3.0 ecosystem.” – stated Steve Chen, Head of Blockchain Tech Development for Nautilus

“By harnessing the unparalleled speed, security, and interoperability of Nautilus, Zebec’s technology is poised to revolutionize traditional finance, bringing the advantages of blockchain tech to mainstream industries. As we continue to explore the  capacity of Zebec’s L3 chain, we foresee a future where seamless integration betwixt web2 and Web 3.0 applications leads to the eventual replacement of conventional financial systems with blockchain tech and creating a more inclusive and efficient worldwide economy.”- Chen continued.

As Zebec persists to innovate and expand its ecological system, it invites developers, corporations, and projects from around the globe to join it in creating a more connected, efficient, and accessible financial future. 

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About Zebec

Zebec enables real-time and continuous streams of payments and financial transactions for payroll, assets and more.  Established in 2021, with assets by Circle, Coinbase Crypto exchange, Solana (SOL) Ventures, Breyer Financial resources, Republic, and Lightspeed Deal Partners between others, Zebec services hundreds of corporations, running thousands of continuous payment streams and bringing the blockchain tech to everyday lives.

For more information about Zebec: Official Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram

About Nautilus

Nautilus is a high-performance modular blockchain tech built for real-world Decentralized Finance and Web 3.0 applications delivering high speed and low cost of processing transactions during a highly secure and stable decentralized system.

For more information about Nautilus: Official Website | Twitter | Telegram



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