Robinhood Faces User Exodus to Tradecurves TCRV App

Robinhood Faces User Exodus to Tradecurves TCRV App

Comparing Robinhood vs. Tradecurve – Learn about the differences between these two trading platforms, including ease of use, social trading, and range of offerings, and discover why many believe Tradecurve has the potential to surpass Robinhood as a fan favorite.

Robinhood has been a top online investing and trading platform for several years. Nevertheless, it has likewise been the subject of litigation, public outcry, and states from the SEC for some of its operations. 

Numerous new and old platforms of trading are attempting to capitalize on these Robinhood shortcomings and emerge as fan favorites. 1 of them will be Tradecurve, an next DEX (decentralized exchange) as of now in its presale stage that some analysts believe has the  capacity to become a top 3 trading platform, surpassing Robinhood in the procedure. Today, we will compare these exchanges and find out what makes Tradecurve so appealing. 


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Robinhood vs. Tradecurve – Ease of use

1 point of criticism that has been brought up for Robinhood is its sign-up KYC requirement. This eliminates any chance of anonymity while trading, something new traders aim for. Not only that, Robinhood offers more simplistic resources that may not be attractive to the more experienced traders. 

On the other hand, there is a clear difference betwixt Robinhood and Tradecurve, as the latter won’t be require any sign-up KYC checks. Tradecurve users may simply create an account using their email, connect their cryptocurrency wallet to the platform and begin trading. This removal will solve the  challenge of “no anonymity,” as users can now trade in complete privacy. 

Robinhood vs. Tradecurve – Social trading

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Another difference betwixt Robinhood and Tradecurve is the fact that Robinhood offers no social trading opportunities. In comparison, Tradecurve will possess copy trading, meaning users can copy the trades of other individuals for a subscription fee. 

Robinhood vs. Tradecurve – Range of offerings

There are plenty of differences betwixt Tradecurve and Robinhood regarding the assets they provide. Investors may trade stocks, ETFs, digital currency, and options with Robinhood. The same assets, futures, and gold are available through Tradecurve. In terms of  the range of trading alternatives, Tradecurve will surpass Robinhood. Tradecurve’s high-leverage products, which start at a leverage ratio of 500:1, will likewise be available on just one account. 

Final Verdict 

Numerous traders would be hesitant to utilize Robinhood as their preferred platform as a result of a history of lack of transparency around downtime and investment trading limitations. As a result of this, Tradecurve is the clear winner as it will provide a decentralized hybrid trading platform that offers minimal  charges, privacy, and borderless access to millions of worldwide traders. 

Investors have been backing this next platform by buying its utility crypto token, TCRV, which is trading at  only $0.012. Interest in this project can likewise be seen by its total crypto token sales – 20M of crypto tokens as a whole. And since the presale is now in Stage 2, by the time it finishes, this number may skyrocket with its  price accompanying it. Specialists predict that a 50x increase is in store and a 100x one when the TCRV utility crypto token gets listed on Uniswap after its launch. Those interested can invest in this next top 3 trading platform by following the links below and signing up for its presale. 

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