Shannon Thorps XRP Insights: Elaboration and Enhancement of Price Forecasts

Shannon Thorps XRP Insights: Elaboration and Enhancement of Price Forecasts

Shannon Thorp’s Insights into XRP’s Future

Shannon Thorp recently revisited X, the micro-blogging platform formerly known as Twitter, to share more insights about future of the XRP Ripple (XRP). It’s critical to note that her views are personal and not representative of her employer. In her initial post, she caused a stir in the cryptocurrency community by predicting that XRP Ripple (XRP) could  accomplish a price range of $100 to $500 in the next 4-7 months. On September 6, 2023, Thorp delved deeper into the qualitative factors that could impact XRP’s value, expanding on her previous views.

The Flawed Belief in Utility as the Main Driver

Thorp challenged the prevailing belief that utility alone would drive up XRP’s price. She presented a hypothetical scenario involving two banks using XRP Ripple (XRP), arguing that relying on external business efforts for growth is a flawed model. Thorp emphasized that a higher XRP Ripple (XRP) price would essentially require fewer tokens for transactions, affecting Liquidity Strength (LS).

The Intentions of XRP’s Creators and Skepticism towards Bitcoin

Contrary to trending belief, Thorp stated that XRP’s creators never intended for its price to be driven by external efforts or everyday people buying the digital currency. She likewise expressed skepticism towards chart analysts, highlighting their focus on Bitcoin’s volatility, which limitations their capacity to foresee a higher valuation for XRP Ripple (XRP). Thorp rejected the correlation between XRP’s value and Bitcoin’s performance, emphasizing that Bitcoin (BTC) lacks utility and relies solely on retail investors.

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The Role of Worldwide Financial Entities in XRP’s Value

Thorp directed her audience to a Federal Reserve link, suggesting that worldwide financial entities like the World Bank, IMF, and BIS play a critical role in determining XRP’s value. She noted that Ripple has engaged with all of these entities to some extent. Citing a 2023 Ripple New Value report, Thorp revealed that a bulk of worldwide finance decision-makers believe that cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies will significantly impact business, finance, and society in the near future. The report likewise indicated that over half of these decision-makers are already implementing digital currency solutions.

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XRP’s Value Linked to Worldwide Financial Needs

In her conclusion, Thorp reiterated that XRP’s value won’t be be driven by utility or correlated to Bitcoin’s success. Instead, it will be fundamentally linked to the needs of the worldwide financial system. She posited that a moment of whole lot of change will occur, dramatically altering XRP’s value. Nonetheless, she made it clear that Ripple won’t initiate this change and encouraged others to conduct their research.

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Hot Take

Shannon Thorp’s insights challenge common beliefs about XRP’s value drivers. By emphasizing the role of worldwide financial entities and questioning the utility-driven approach, she offers a unique perspective on XRP’s future. It’s critical for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to consider numerous viewpoints and conduct their own research to make notified decisions.

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