Shiba Inu unveils game-changing update for Shiba Eternity 🚀😱

Shiba Inu unveils game-changing update for Shiba Eternity 🚀😱

Exciting Updates for Shiba Eternity’s Collectible Card Game!

The team behind the Shiba Inu based project Shiba Eternity has announced a significant update to its collectible card game (CCG). The update, which promises to enhance user experience and expand the game’s features, was detailed by the project’s marketing lead, Lucie (@LucieSHIB), and ecosystem team member, Mazrael.shib (@Mazrael), on X.

The Buzz Around Shiba Eternity’s Latest Update

Lucie was enthusiastic as she shared a quick update from the Shiba Eternity team, revealing that the project’s first version is live and has been polished with recent updates. But the team is not stopping there – they are already working on adding new features and making system tweaks to enhance the game.

  • Exciting upcoming features include updates to kibbles and Shiboshis.
  • Lucie hinted at an upcoming play-to-earn feature, encouraging Leash, Shiboshi, and SHEB token holders to get ready for game testing on Shibarium.

Technical Enhancements Unveiled

Mazrael provided more details on the technical improvements brought by the update. The focus was on enhancing performance and addressing specific gameplay issues to deliver a better gaming experience for Shiba Eternity players on Android and iOS platforms.

  • The update brings bug fixes, performance optimizations, and crucial enhancements.
  • Key issues like the malfunctioning Princess Andromeda card and game lags caused by Stealth fighter cards have been resolved.

Looking Ahead: The Future Of Shiba Eternity

Aside from immediate improvements, the Shiba Inu team is gearing up for the beta testing phase of the play-to-earn (P2E) version of Shiba Eternity. This move signals a significant shift in the game’s dynamics, offering players the chance to earn rewards through gameplay.

  • Beta testing is set to kick off in the second quarter of this year, following rigorous bug testing.
  • Players are eagerly anticipating the beta testing phase for the P2E version, following the success of the non-P2E version that launched in October 2022.

The Community’s Impact and Support

The success of Shiba Eternity has been buoyed by the strong support of the Shiba Inu community. Initiatives like monthly tournaments with a $1,000 prize pool have been instrumental in boosting visibility and growing the player base of the game.

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