Shitcoins 2024: The Rise of TRUMP and RON in Political Betting with Cryptocurrencies

Shitcoins 2024: The Rise of TRUMP and RON in Political Betting with Cryptocurrencies

Discover how the US presidential race is driving the popularity of “shitcoins” tied to candidates such as TRUMP and RON, despite warnings of potential fraud, and learn about a legitimate new cryptocurrency, AiDoge.

The industry of digital currency has had a long history with betting and gambling, with some chains, like Tron, being the major gambling hubs.

Betting on political events using digital assets has been particularly trending as of late, especially now that the new United States presidential race has kicked off.

The  United States will elect a new president in 2024, and the cryptocurrency industry is investing in digital currencies that resurfaced recently, named after the new candidates.

These so- was known shitcoins have attracted many of traffic on DEXes, where listing them is a shorter and less complex process.

Uniswap, for instance, recently saw plenty of new cryptocurrencies tied to the candidates, including the DONALD (TRUMP) crypto token and President Ron DeSantis (RON) token.

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Both new digital currencies are according to Ethereum (ETH), launched as ERC-20 tokens.

DEXTools, a decentralized exchange data and analysis tools platform for traders, has revealed plenty of interesting pieces of information about both cryptos.

Reports by DEXTools, the TRUMP, and RON crypto tokens are paired against WETH.

Which crypto token is more popular?

TRUMP is according to Donald Trump, the previous United States president who will now be running once more as a Republican. As for RON, this digital currency is according to Ron DeSantis, another Republican, and the latest presidential candidate.

TRUMP and RON are as of now the two most trending coins since both gathered quite a bit of support between Republicans.

In reality, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is broadly considered Trump’s most serious challenger.

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Although while the Republicans have as numerous as 7 confirmed candidates at this stage (and 3 more potential ones), Trump and DeSantis are the top candidates in the eyes of the cryptocurrency industry.

Reports by DEXTools, the TRUMP crypto token has seen $82.8k in terms of volume in the previous day, with a total market capitalization of $271.4k, 77 different holders, and 159 total transactions at the time of writing.

RON, on the other hand, has seen $1.2 Million in 24h volume, with a $1.59m total market capitalization, but likewise 69 holders who made 381 transactions since the token’s launch.

TRUMP token’s project reliability score (DEXTscore) is only 19/99, while RON’s DEXTscore is 54/99.

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The issue with these cryptocurrencies is the fact that they are possibly likely troublesome, fraudulent projects.

TRUMP, for instance, has a 98 percent sale tax, and there are plenty of red flags tied to RON, as well. Investors are recommended to stay away from cryptocurrencies like this, especially when there are plenty of legitimate opportunities out there right now.

1 example is — a new digital currency that is betwixt of its presale right now.

AiDoge is storming the meme cryptocurrency sector, and it will launch with some important utilities. The project plans to launch the most advanced, AI-based Meme Coin generation platform, with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) crypto token at the heart of it.

The crypto token is available for the price of $0.0000332 at the time of publication, and in about four days, its value will go up to $0.0000336, initiate the last phase of its presale before the listing.

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AiDoge has already raised over $13.7 Million, and the available supply is dropping with every new day.

Those who decide to buy it can do so with Ethereum (ETH), BNB, USDT (ERC-20 and BEP-20 versions) or with their credit or debit card.


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