The Hundreds Launches Exclusive Metaverse Store for Streetwear Fans

The Hundreds Launches Exclusive Metaverse Store for Streetwear Fans

The Hundreds unveils its new flagship store in the metaverse, an immersive 3D storefront that offers an interactive and social shopping experience for fans, featuring exclusive apparel drops and rewards through both digital and real-world interactions.

As it marks two decades of existence, trending streetwear brand The Hundreds has unveiled its next flagship store—and it’s in the metaverse.

Today, The Hundreds announced the opening of an immersive 3D store within, a metaverse platform that has pivoted to embrace ecommerce and provide experiential ways to take part in product falls. As the private beta test comes online this coming week, The Hundreds will be the 1st showcase for how the platform handles brands and communities.

Bobby “Bobby Hundreds” Kim informed Decrypt in a statement that the virtual storefront is a recreation of its real-world store in the Fairfax neighborhood of Los Angeles, with the goal of supplying an interactive and social shopping experience for fans.

“We’re building out our stores how we imagined them to be in the metaverse,” he informed Decrypt. “This unique digital experience is really meant for our community to come together, shop, and socialize, rather than gamification.”

Rendered with Unreal Engine 5, the same software used by a lot of the video game industry’s largest developers, the storefront delivers a level of detail and realism not seen in metaverse network game experiences like Decentraland and The Sandbox

On the other hand, it’s not meant to be a purely realistic recreation, as seen with cracks in the street revealing lava beneath.

The Hundreds will use its location to offer exclusive apparel falls that will not available elsewhere, including some that will only be offered to holders of the brand’s own Adam Bomb Squad Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection.

Furthermore, users can earn bonus through both digital and real-world interactions, bridging the gap betwixt both ends of the brand’s presence. was established in 2021 and is arguably best known for getting a stamp of approval from actress Brie Larson (“Captain Marvel”) in March 2022. Larson shared a video of her “lil corner” of the metaverse network, but some fans didn’t appreciate her steps into an NFT-filled online space, prompting social media backlash.

“She was such an incredible advocate,” co- founder Lana Hopkins informed Decrypt of Larson’s alliance with the platform. “I think her audience was a little bit early to the Web 3.0 journey—but there’s hope, right?” had more of a social vibe then, but as broader metaverse network hype has fizzled in the previous year, Hopkins stated that the startup has really embraced its new focus as a destination for brands to build online stores and experiences around physical and digital falls similar. Both Hopkins and co- founder Juliana Di Simone are e-commerce veterans.

“We essentially started chatting with Bobby about last year about how there really wasn’t anything for brands that was beautiful—that felt like it was elevated, from an aesthetic perspective,” Hopkins informed Decrypt. “And likewise that essentially made sense for people outside of the Web3 bubble, so to speak.”

At the beginning, is launching its mobile app, which has an Instagram-like social feed of immersive destinations that users can hop into. It will expand to the web as well, and gradually open up for other brands to build on.

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools will be in the mix to assist corporations spin up their own custom worlds with less of a lift, and while’s earlier NFTs—which unlocked personal gallery spaces like Brie Larson’s own—were minted on Flow, future Non-Fungible Token (NFTs) offered through the platform will be minted on Ethereum growing network Polygon.

Hopkins stated that she isn’t keen on the “metaverse” term, which has been used to represent so numerous different kinds of experiences that it’s arguably lost meaning. For her, the goal with is to convey the  potential for users and communities to access immersive social opportunities and brand experiences directly from an accessible app.

“What we think of,” she stated, “is immersive experiences in the palm of your hand.”


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