The Metaverse network is About to Get a Lot More Interesting with This New Cryptocurrency Project

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The Metaverse is About to Get a Lot More Interesting with This New Crypto Project

The digital currencies associated with decentralized, blockchain-powered metaverse network games like Decentraland and The Sandbox have seen explosive upside so far this year amid the broader digital currency market entering a bull market. Decentraland’s MANA crypto token was last up over 170 percent on the year, while The Sandbox’s SAND crypto token was last up around 100%.

On the other hand, both are still in the region of 90 percent lower versus their record highs hit at the time of peak metaverse network optimism in 2021. Lower crypto token price valuations are reflective of the fact that neither metaverse network project has managed to attract a wider mainstream audience, regardless of years of hype.

Nonetheless, a new cryptocurrency metaverse-building game has arrived to inject momentum back into the flagging metaverse network space. RobotEra is here to rekindle excitement. RobotEra is a soon-to-be-launched robot/space-themed gaming metaverse network that intends to incorporate a mixture of play-to-earn and player-versus-player games within its interactive world.

Ahead of its launch, it is conducting a presale of the TARO crypto token that will be used as an in-game currency. In the few months since the launch of its presale, RobotEra raised over $790,000.

Crypto Tokens are as of now being sold for $0.02, but that price will soon boost to $0.025, so interested investors should get in quickly. RobotEra likewise intends  to start sales of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) robots that players can use within its metaverse network soon. Investors who have already bagged themselves some TARO should stay tuned.

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What is Robot Era?

Observers think RobotEra has the  capacity to become a viral metaverse network sensation, due to its exciting and unique gameplay that its developers intend to accomplish. Players will be able to create a robot non-fungible crypto token (NFT) through which they will interact with the sci-fi-themed RobotEra metaverse network. Using TARO, RobotEra users will be able to buy and sell land within the metaverse network, likewise as a host of other in-game Non-Fungible Token (NFTs), such as Non-Fungible Token (NFT) robots and items.

Players will be able to develop and build on their land, with RobotEra planning to incorporate an element of play/build-to-earn into the metaverse network, where users can essentially mine TARO. Players wishing to build the RobotEra metaverses won’t need coding expertise, all they will must do is master RobotEra’s simple in-game building tools.

RobotEra players will be able to build and compete in games, which RobotEra reveals will offer players another avenue to earn TARO. RobotEra envisages that, as with other established cryptocurrency metaverse network players such as Decentraland, “real world” enterprises and brands will sooner or  thereafter be attracted to RobotEra’s metaverse network. They will be able to buy and develop land to be able to encourage their business.

In the meantime, RobotEra will offer creators and artists a new way to interact with fans. They will be able to create and distribute real digital assets which will be tradeable within the game to fans. RobotEra likewise envisages that numerous groups and communities will migrate to its metaverse network, with the platform offering an excellent space for communities to gather.

An added benefit to owning TARO is the fact that it likewise functions as RobotEra’s governance crypto token, with its holders able to vote on the project’s development. The currency is posted on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain tech as an ERC-20 crypto token with a maximum supply of 1.8 billion, a low supply in comparison to numerous other similar cryptocurrency projects.

For all of the over reasons, RobotEra’s TARO crypto token was ranked as InsideBitcoins’ best pick out of the best 12 best P2E presale crypto tokens to invest in in the year. Plenty of prominent digital currency investors and influencers are interested in the token.

To learn a little more about TARO and RobotEra, watch the below video by trending cryptocurrency educator Jacob Cryptocurrency Bury.

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The Metaverse is About to Get a Lot More Interesting with This New Crypto Project


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