TIA Coin Price Skyrockets with Celestia Price Predictions as Top Crypto Hits 2023 High and Meme Token Presale Exceeds $1.8 Million

TIA Coin Price Skyrockets with Celestia Price Predictions as Top Crypto Hits 2023 High and Meme Token Presale Exceeds $1.8 Million

The Celestia Price Surge

The price of Celestia has soared dramatically, increasing by 100% in the past 7 days. As a result, the price is as of now currently worth $6.63, hitting a new record-breaking peak of $7.1.

Celestia Price Prediction

Nonetheless, the recent surge brings a level of risk as holders could be considering selling to capitalize on their profits. Bearish signals on the TIA/USD charts, including the formation of bearish engulfing candle stick patterns, a downward trend in the Relative Strength Indicator, and the MACD approaching a shift to the negative region, all indicate a possible correction in the Celestia price. The increase in volume of trading by 30% in the previous day is likewise contributing to the high volatility.

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Celestia Price Prediction: Is Meme Coin Kombat A Better Alternative

With this risk in mind, you might want to consider turning to Meme Coin Kombat. As a new and promising option for investors, Meme Coin Kombat has just had more than $1.8 Million in its presale, indicating a growing interest in this alternative to Celestia.

Presale Success and Discounted MK Tokens

The success of Meme Coin Kombat’s presale and the  probable to secure MK tokens at a discount make it worth considering. With each presale stage lasting 7 days and featuring a 10% price increase, the project’s growing popularity is evident, and early investors are taking advantage of discounted tokens.

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Hot Take: New Meme Coin Coin Champion?

The recent risk of a correction in the Celestia price has brought attention to alternative Meme Coin coins like Meme Coin Kombat, with its promising presale success and discounted MK tokens. Will Meme Coin Kombat be the new champion in the Meme Coin coin world?

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