Tornado Cash Users Sue US Treasury for Free Speech Violation

Tornado Cash Users Sue US Treasury for Free Speech Violation

Six users of Tornado Cash are suing the US Treasury for sanctioning the open-source software, claiming that the ban violates the First Amendment, with Coinbase bankrolling the lawsuit against the US Treasury.

Six Tornado Cash users suing the United States Treasury for sanctioning Tornado Cash claim banning the open-source software violates the 1st amendment. Coinbase Crypto exchange is bankrolling the lawsuit against the United States Treasury.

Six individuals fighting the United States Treasury to revert sanctions on Tornado Cash claimed in their latest filings that the Treasury doesn’t have the right authority to prohibit the platform. The plaintiffs filed their reply brief seeking to lift the sanctions on 24th May.

Plaintiffs claim Government overreach in sanctioning Tornado Cash

Plaintiffs claimed that sanctioning Tornado Cash unconstitutionally burdened speech under the 1st Amendment. Plaintiffs used the open-source software to guard their privacy. The sanctioning of the open-source platform is a violation of the fundamental rights of the United States citizens, as per the filing.

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The plaintiffs likewise claimed that these sanctions depend on assuming that anyone who happens to hold TORN is a member of a legally-recognized entity was known “Tornado Cash,” which is factually wrong.

The law that was used to sanction the cryptocurrency mixer reveals it can only block property. On the other hand, the legal definition of property is something that can be owned. On the other hand, the privacy-centered software can not be owned, controlled or changed by anyone. No one can change or control the platform, including founders, developers and people who just happen to have TORN in their wallets.

Treasury tells cryptocurrency mixer’s users to practice Free Speech elsewhere.

The United States Treasury rolled out sanctions on Tornado Cash a year ago claiming the platform was being used to launder money and facilitate terror financing. And once 6 users filed a motion to revert those sanctions claiming it violates free speech, the United States Treasury, unable to defend the decision, informed the cryptocurrency mixer user to go engage in free speech somewhere else.

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The deveoper of the open-source software, Alexey Pertsev, was arrested a year ago and is as of now facing money laundering charges in the Netherlands.


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