Tornado Cash’s Code Is Back on GitHub

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Key Takeaways

  • GitHub has lifted a ban on Tornado Cash, restoring the platform’s code and to its website.
  • Last week, the clarified that sanctions against Tornado Cash do not apply to its code.
  • Tornado Cash addresses are still sanctioned and interacting with those addresses is prohibited by law.

The Ethereum coin mixer Tornado Cash’s code has returned to GitHub after an absence of over one month.

Tornado Cash Code Is Back Online

The code for Ethereum’s well known coin mixer is back on GitHub.

On August 8, the United States Treasury announced sanctions against Tornado Cash addresses. That led GitHub to ban the accounts of the and its developers almost immediately.

Last week, the Treasury clarified that sanctions against Tornado Cash only apply to the coin mixer’s Ethereum (ETH) addresses—not to the code behind the app  itself. Those clarifications specified that although Tornado Cash transactions are prohibited, “interacting with [the] open-source code itself … is not .”

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GitHub presumably took notice of this of its own accord or had the brought to its attention by the community.

At least one high-profile advocated for Tornado Cash’s restoration. Ethereum (ETH) core pressed for the ban to be lifted on September 13. He noted today that GitHub has now “unbanned the Tornado Cash organization and contributors on [its] platform.”

Tornado Cash’s return to GitHub does not mean that on the coin mixer will continue as usual. All pages under the ’s main profile are tagged as public archives—a status that could be lifted but which implies that no future development is permitted.

“It looks like is in ‘read only’ mode, but that is progress from an outright ban,” Van Loon noted. He urged GitHub to fully restore the account’s former status.

A separate unofficial archive of Tornado Cash’s code has been on GitHub since August 24. That archive was created by Johns Hopkins professor Green.

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Tornado Cash’s future is still uncertain regardless of these developments. Sanctions on Tornado Cash addresses that prohibit its use remain in place, but users can still access the service due to its decentralized nature.

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