Twisting Towers Reshaping Brooklyn Skyline 🏙️

Twisting Towers Reshaping Brooklyn Skyline 🏙️

Reimagining Brooklyn’s Waterfront With Eagle and West Tower

When considering luxury apartment buildings in New York, the immediate image that comes to mind is that of towering skyscrapers. However, there is one exception in Brooklyn – Eagle and West Tower. This unique development stands out as it challenges the norm with its innovative design and thoughtful approach to community integration. The project has revitalized Greenpoint’s industrial waterfront, bridging the gap between residents and the river with meticulous planning.

The Puzzle of Eagle and West

The Eagle and West Tower project in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, is a masterpiece of design that showcases two distinct towers interlocked in a puzzle-like formation. The development, spearheaded by the renowned architecture firm OMA, has transformed the waterfront area along the East River, introducing not only new housing units but also acres of parkland for the community to enjoy.

Designing for Community

  • The towers were strategically designed to offer views not only of the waterfront but also of the neighborhood, ensuring that residents feel a connection to Greenpoint.
  • By adhering to zoning restrictions, the towers were limited in height, leading to a unique layout that provides ample distance between the buildings.

Architectural Elements

  • The façade of Eagle and West Tower is constructed using precast concrete blocks that are shingled, creating a textured look that adds depth to the building’s exterior.
  • The cantilevers and terraces formed by the towers’ design not only serve as functional spaces but also contribute to the overall aesthetic of the development.

Community Integration

  • The Waterfront Esplanade, designed by James Corner Field Operations, serves as a connecting feature that links various blocks of Greenpoint Landing through a publicly accessible promenade.
  • The landscape strategy employed by Marmol Radziner extends green spaces and active areas onto the building’s terraces, creating a harmonious blend of nature and architecture.

Affordable Housing in a Luxury Setting

While Eagle and West Tower boasts high-end rents due to its prime waterfront location, the development also includes a significant number of affordable housing units. Approximately 40% of the units in the shorter tower and all 108 units in the podium are designated as affordable, showcasing a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility.

Hot Take: Transforming Brooklyn’s Skyline

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As the skyline of New York City continues to evolve, Eagle and West Tower stands as a symbol of innovation and community-centric design. This development not only reshapes Brooklyn’s waterfront but also sets a new standard for luxury living that prioritizes inclusivity and sustainability.

Twisting Towers Reshaping Brooklyn Skyline 🏙️
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