Unlock .box Web Domains with Ethereum Name Service! 🚀🌐

Unlock .box Web Domains with Ethereum Name Service! 🚀🌐

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Integrates .box Domain Names for Web Browser Use 🌐

ENS has recently integrated .box domain names, an ICANN-approved top-level domain that can now be used with internet browsers. This marks the first on-chain TLD to be included in the ENS manager app, alongside .eth domains.

Register .box Domains with the ENS Manager App

  • Users can now register .box domains via the manager app.
  • .box domains can be utilized with traditional web2 services like email and website hosting.

Domains hosted on .box are now searchable and indexable on major browsers like Google Chrome and Safari, making them compatible with popular email services as well.

All Registrations and Transfers on the Ethereum Blockchain

  • All registrations and transfers of .box domains are executed on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • This ensures security and transparency in managing domain names.

ENS, known for its .eth name service, which simplifies Ethereum addresses, has issued over 2.8 million .eth names. In expanding its offerings, the addition of .box domains aims to bridge web2 and web3 ecosystems.

Enhancing Web3 Accessibility with .box Domains

  • .box domains are accessible on all web browsers via ENS.
  • This integration provides a hassle-free option to register digital identities.

Nick Johnson, the lead developer and founder of ENS, stated that “.box offers a streamlined entrance into Web3 through its on-chain TLD. ENS welcomes this integration and the user experience it brings as an additional, hassle-free option to register your digital identity.”

Concurrent Use of Ethereum and .box Names

  • Users can tokenize a DNS domain with each naming registration and integrate a crypto counterpart.
  • This allows for the simultaneous use of Ethereum and .box names.

ENS has been actively bridging with the traditional web, collaborating with GoDaddy to link web domains to ENS names. Josh Brandley, founder of .box domains, believes that the demand for web3 usernames will soon surpass that of traditional web domains.

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In an exciting development, ENS has integrated .box domain names, offering a streamlined entrance into the world of Web3. With the capability to use Ethereum and .box names concurrently, users can now securely manage their digital identities on the Ethereum blockchain. This move not only enhances the accessibility of web3 technologies but also paves the way for a seamless integration of blockchain-based naming protocols with traditional web services.

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