Web 3.0 Delight Lagos – Breaking barriers to pave the way for the digital future

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Web 3.0 Delight Lagos – Breaking barriers to pave the way for the digital future

Lagos, Nigeria – SwiftMotion Media, a fully capitalized micro-VC, an financing arm of the UAE-based management consultancy Agile Dynamics, presents Web 3.0 Delight Lagos. This in- and online event takes place on July 29th, , featuring speakers from Ecuador and Mexico, the United States and Russia to Serbia, and the United Arab Emirates to Korea.

SwiftMotion Media is proud to attract Web 3.0 Delight Lagos to Glover hall, Marina, Lagos State. To register for the event, please visit www.web3delight.com.

Web 3.0 Delight is the brainchild of Paul Lalovich and Tesha Teshanovich. The series of events will string together markets into a community brought together by socializing Web 3.0 technologies and driving adoption.

This journey starts in Lagos because the Nigerian sector is booming, as is their youth population. Nigerian technology startups amount to about 60 percent of the total financing funds raised by Africa-based tech startups. Nigeria is the largest tech market on the African continent, with 90 tech hubs and a growing and vibrant customer base of over 180 Million people with access to the internet.

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With a vision to engage, empower and support an advanced economy that is proactive, customized, collaborative, and secure, the Web 3.0 Delight Lagos is uniting both global and local Web 3.0 players to paint the art of possible and facilitate participation opportunities towards enhancing the digital transformation ecosystem. The event agenda is designed to provide a comprehensive and perspective across the Web 3.0 technologies landscape, answering such as how to drive value with a blockchain tech and build better businesses? Additionally, we will have a fully interactive panel discussion engaging the audience and answering their questions in real-time tackling topics such as NFTs, blockchain tech gaming, metaverse network, Decentralized Finance, Digital currencies, DAOs, etc. 

Web 3.0 Delight Lagos is bringing together blockchain tech startups, developers, researchers, investors, marketers, and other specialists in the domain. Web 3.0 is not about technology only! Tech is just a for the much bigger change upon us. This is a social movement towards transparency, , inclusiveness, ownership, and openness.

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