WhiteBIT Unveils Retrodrop for WB Network Testing: A Mesmerizing Twist!

WhiteBIT Unveils Retrodrop for WB Network Testing: A Mesmerizing Twist!

WhiteBIT Announces Retrodrop for WB Network Testing

WhiteBIT, one of Europe’s largest crypto exchanges, has revealed details about a retrodrop as part of the testing phase for the WB Network blockchain. The exchange recently published a post with the code word “retrodrop,” creating excitement within the crypto community. Here are the key points to know:

1. Retrodrop Details:
– The retrodrop is an opportunity for the crypto community to actively engage in testing the WB Network blockchain.
– The WhiteBIT team has allocated an undisclosed amount of WBT from the ecosystem fund for the retrodrop.
– Participation in the retrodrop requires the completion of three types of activities.

2. Exchange-Related Tasks:
– Creating a WB Soul, which serves as a digital representation of a user within the WB Network blockchain.
– Holding WhiteBIT Token (WBT) on a special balance on the exchange, with 11 levels of holding for greater rewards.

3. Testnet-Related Tasks:
– The list of activities for the testnet phase has not been publicized to ensure transparency.
– Users are encouraged to explore the blockchain and define their own approach to testing.

4. Community and Social Media Tasks:
– These tasks will be conducted on the Zealy platform.

5. WB Network Features:
– WB Network is developed on the basis of Geth (Go-Ethereum) for EVM compatibility and DeFi integration.
– Proof-of-Authority (PoA) is the chosen consensus algorithm, providing high TPS, low fees, and protection against hacks.
– WB Soul Ecosystem enables the creation of WB Soul, acting as a digital ID bridging the WB Network and WhiteBIT exchange.

The WB Network aims to be a collective effort, blending the expertise of industry leaders with insights from users, developers, and enthusiasts. Volodymyr Nosov, the CEO of WhiteBIT, invites everyone to explore the potential of this future blockchain and be part of its realization.

Hot Take: WB Network Embraces Community Participation with Retrodrop

WhiteBIT’s retrodrop for WB Network testing demonstrates the exchange’s commitment to community engagement. By providing opportunities for users to explore the blockchain and be rewarded for their participation, WhiteBIT is empowering the broader crypto community. The WB Network’s features, such as its own WB Soul Ecosystem, further enhance the possibilities for users to bridge the gap between the exchange and the blockchain. This inclusive approach is a step towards realizing the shared vision of a collaborative and efficient blockchain ecosystem.

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