Why Aptos Labs Wants Binance Crypto exchange To Stop $APT Listing

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Why Aptos Labs Wants Binance Crypto exchange To Stop $APT Listing

After the  accidental leak of Aptos Tokenomics, the team is reportedly asking big like Binance  exchange to stop listing of APT perpetual contracts. Earlier on Tuesday, South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Upbit unexpectedly leaked the (APT) . Top cryptocurrency exchange Binance Crypto exchange has already announced the listing of APTUSDT perpetual contracts on October 19. In this context, the team is reportedly persuading Binance Crypto exchange to stop the listing on an urgent basis.

Binance Crypto exchange Listing of Aptos (APT) On October 19

Several of the major cryptocurrency exchanges have already announced listing the Aptos (APT) crypto  by Aptos Labs. The exchanges include Binance Crypto exchange, FTX, Coinbase Crypto exchange, Huobi, and OKX. Despite the fact that some of these exchanges are yet to reveal the date of listing, Binance Crypto exchange has already announced the schedule. In a blog announcement, the exchange stated Binance Crypto exchange Futures will launch APT perpetual contracts on October 19. In the meantime, cryptocurrency reporter Colin Wu tweeted saying the Aptos Labs team is in urgent communication with Binance Crypto exchange to stop the listing.

“Aptos asked major exchanges not to list perpetual contracts within 2 weeks, but Binance Crypto exchange announced that APTUSDT perpetual contracts will be listed on October 19th. Aptos is urgently persuading Binance Crypto exchange to stop.”

FTX, which is an in the Aptos project, stated it will list Aptos (APT) spot market on October 19. The Aptos (APT) will be accessible in two trading pairs, APT/USD and APT/USDT.

What Is Aptos (APT) Token?

Aptos is a layer-1 proof-of-stake  tech developed by Aptos Labs, established by core contributors of the blockchain tech. The leaked PDF report on APT tokenomics revealed details on the digital currency’s shareholding. As several as 51.02 percent of APT crypto  are allocated to the community, while 19 percent are allocated to core contributors, 16.50 percent to the foundation, and 13.48 percent to the investors. Launched on October 12, the total of Aptos crypto tokens (APT) at mainnet was 1 Billion tokens.

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